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And lo… the Labour Party and Fine Gael spoke unto each other while renewing the government… May 12, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Economy, Irish Politics.

…and it was good… for they both apparently agree that tax cuts are what is needed. Or so said the Taoiseach, and Pat Rabbitte agrees…

Speaking on RTÉ Radio, Mr Rabbitte said tax relief was economically justifiable as it would stimulate consumer spending, for which there would be an economic return.


1. Tomboktu - May 12, 2014

So, the minister responsible for introducing an internet tax sees no inconsistency with arguing for tax cuts.


WorldbyStorm - May 12, 2014

Amazingly, no.


2. fergal - May 12, 2014

old wine in new bottles- no chance of corporation tax being upped?,no chance of a welath tax? just another subsidy to the boss class- you won’t increase wages that’s fine we’ll lower taxes, but for how many people 10% 15%?
Intereting that Rabbitte sees ths as some kind of stimulus- that peole will spend their extra cash. What if thay use it to pay off debts, loans and mortgages, What if they use it to save up for a rainy day?


3. doctorfive - May 13, 2014

Is not the of kind you say during an election?


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