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Here’s some British far-right activity… May 18, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in British Politics, Far Right, Northern Ireland.

…with a connection closer to home. Socialist Unity posted this up, the Britain First far-right group. Watching the video I was surprised at the almost evangelical Christian line taken by the lead speaker, but read this and it becomes a little clearer. According to wiki.

The principal figures in Britain First, Dowson and Golding, launched a new political party in Northern Ireland in April 2013.[15] Dowson was registered with the Electoral Commission as the Protestant Coalition’s leader, and Golding as its treasurer.[13] However Dowson stated at the launch that the Coalition had no one leader.[15]

And for more on the Protestant Coalition see here.


1. doctorfive - May 19, 2014

Youth Defence link here too. Dowson also runs the UK Life League (originally Precious Life Scotland) and like above would be in contact with similar elements and organisations on this side of the Irish Sea. He was over for the opening of the Marie Stopes clinic in Belfast in 2012.

This is all fringe of fringe stuff but no harm in keeping the dots joined. One extreme to another, funny where you would find cross community common cause sometimes. Must be hope for the rest of us.


WorldbyStorm - May 19, 2014

Very true, utterly marginal, but the connections are fascinating and I hadn’t thought of the the additional links.


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