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A long way from the League for a Workers Republic… May 30, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive, Irish Politics.

…to here, for Alex White, who has announced he is contesting the Labour leadership. For more on the League, here’s some information from the CLR, and here are documents from the Irish Left Archive.

BTW, this is intriguing from Diarmaid Ferriter in today’s IT.


1. BB - May 30, 2014

Alex White is a legal eagle blow-in who doesn’t come from the same stock as Joan Burton. Note how he wore a striped pink tie and a red rose on the jacket lapel today. I assumed he would receive support from the ex-Democratic Left TDs with their leanings to the right, or should I say, to the liberal party agenda.

Like it or not, Joan Burton represents traditional Labour. We are told she is very popular with the membership. I don’t quite get that. Yet the reasons given for her dislike are sometimes very shallow, e.g. whingey voice, age profile yadda, yadda. But Burton is high profile and she knows how to use the rhetoric of opposition. It was Burton that warned almost alone against the blanket bank guarantee. Yes, she is wedded to the austerity platform now and she does so wringing her hands in angst! She talks the talk: but doesn’t walk the walk when her bluff is called. At least that was the case in the past.

Burton will get the votes of any such traditional members who are still left In Labour. Women on the ballot paper get the vote nowadays. Burton will get the women vote, the non-rural vote, maybe the trade unionist delusional vote who believe she can moderate FG attacks on workers and those who wish to give her the poisoned chalice. And then Alex White can come out as a breath of fresh air.


Mark P - May 30, 2014

There is no political distinction between the two at all, whatsoever. You are probably correct though that Burton will, for image reasons, be more popular with whatever “traditional” semi social democratic remnants can be found under some rock or other.


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