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The Lia Fáil May 30, 2014

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I dread to think what awaits whoever did that to the Lia Fáil. This stuff used to be deadly fucking serious years ago, still is in some places.

The Tuatha Dé Danann were to be respected, for your cows will be dry and there would soon be no butter in the churn. If you were lucky. The Bishops never managed to beat it out of us but money finished off the fairies in the end.

Green and red paint could suggest some sort of Mayo involvement. Though seeing as the football team near the end of their own curse, I don’t believe warring vandals from the west would risk desecrating the seat of the High King.

Wasn’t it tomb tampering that finished Sean Quinn.

According to these locals, it was the decision to move a megalithic burial tomb 20 years ago which led to the fall of his cement, hotels, and insurance empire.

The Aughrim Wedge Tomb stood for 4,000 years in the townland after which it is named, two miles outside Ballyconnell, Co Cavan. But when it got in the way of the expansion of a massive quarry for Quinn Concrete in 1992, permission was granted by the Office of Public Works to move it. Following a full excavation of the site, it was moved — stone by stone — and relocated in the grounds of Mr Quinn’s Slieve Russell Hotel on the other side of the village.

“I’m a big supporter of Sean Quinn because of what he has done for this area but that tomb should never have been moved,” said publican Toirbhealach Lyons, the owner of Molly Maguire’s pub in Ballyconnell.

Mr Quinn has since lost the cement works, the hotel, a raft of other businesses and his multi-billion euro fortune. According to bankruptcy documents, he now claims to have just €11,000 in the bank.

On national level we all continue to pay dearly for the destruction of Tara.

In June 2007 Minister for the Environment Dick Roche signed an order destroying the Lismullin Henge. Lismullin Henge was a 4,000 year old astronomical observatory and place of worship and hailed as one of the most important archaeological finds of the century.

Roche was since held up by an armed gang in the Druids Glen Hotel and soon lost his job. (His car also burst into flames two years ago)

Martin Cullen the then Minister for Transport nearly got sucked out of a helicopter when the door fell off on one of his extravagantly expensive trips.

The chief Health and Safety Officer was seriously injured by a falling tree when felling began at Rath Lugh in 2007.

A worker was killed when he became trapped at Fairyhouse where there have been many accidents on this stretch of road.

A human tooth was discovered in a digger which was used to destroy the famous ancient feasting grounds and gathering place of ancient Harpers at Baronstown. The digger, while leaving the site, fell off a low loader onto the N3. Shortly afterwards the stairs in the National Museum collapsed.

And finally, just last summer, several large wasp nests were found throughout the valley. In Celtic Lore the appearance of the wasp was associated with the anger of Mother Earth.

But all this is nothing new.

The fairies had more clout than even developers once upon a time as this Dáil transcript from 1952 can reveal.

Mr. Dunne In my view, all we can hope from the Irish News Agency is that it will do a very good job in accordance with the traditions and outlook of our own people.

The question I want to put to the Minister is this: “Is he satisfied that, during the last six or eight months, news agency has done a satisfactory job in the presentation of news for foreign consumption?” I have my doubts.

I will come in a moment to so-called news being released from this country by the news agency which can have no other effect but to bring Irish journalism and, indeed, the reputation of our nation as a whole into contempt. It is from that point of view that I would like the Minister to examine what has been happening with regard to the news agency and to decide what will be the policy for the future.

I am about to quote now from an Irish News Agency dispatch released in Fleet Street on November 3rd of last year.

It is headed: “Fairy Fort Stays—30 Houses Go. Ballynanty Beg, Limerick, Saturday, Irish News Agency.”

It goes:—

“Limerick City Mayor, Matthew Macken, declared to-day— ‘If I have to get a gun to defend the fort, I will certainly do it.’

He was referring to a circular mound believed locally to be the headquarters of Limerick leprechauns, which this week caused the partial hold-up of the new housing scheme. It started on Monday when workmen employed by Limerick Corporation to build 475 houses refused to clear the mound on the site because it was a fairy fort.

Limerick City Mayor, Macken, investigated the matter and then announced: ‘We will have to give in to the fairies. We have decided to leave the fort standing.’ The men resumed work on condition that they would not have to touch the mound.

Said corporation overseer, John McNamara:

‘The people of Limerick will not go within miles of the fort. Several members of the bulldozer crew said they saw leprechauns making shoes there that night.’ ”

It must have been on Monday morning that they saw them. I will continue the quotation:—

“Previously, the corporation brought men in from the adjoining County Clare, but strange things happened to them when they tried to build houses near the fort. Said Overseer McNamara: ‘They built a few house gables, but next morning not one of the gables was standing.’

Other people recalled queer things that happened during recent years at the fairy fort. Farmer Collins owned the land on which the fort stands and was forced to sell it Said he: ‘I just had to sell it because all my cattle died.’ It was purchased by Matt Foley. Said he: ‘I had to sell it, too, because my cattle losses were phenomenal.’ Farmer Dan Kennelly purchased it and turned his milch cows to graze on it but they stopped giving milk. He had to accept a low price for it from the corporation.

Local schoolteacher, Robert Cashin, says: ‘The fort is bounded by a number of fruit and nut trees. We were always warned not to touch them, but I remember, as a boy, a playmate of mine pulling some hazel nuts one day from one of the trees. He became a cripple for life.’

Limerick’s Deputy Lord Mayor, Gerard Dillon, says: ‘I would not lay one stone upon another within 100 yards of the fort. I live quite near the place and, as a boy, my mother always told me not to go anywhere near the fairy playground…’ Because of the decision to preserve the fort, 30 fewer houses will be built.”

This was issued by the Irish News Agency for world consumption and it appeared in the overseas Daily Mail, in several other English newspapers and in other publications. I do not think anybody will try to justify the like of that as being a legitimate product of a news agency operating in this country for the purposes of building up respect abroad for the Irish nation and for Irish traditions.

As I said at the outset, there is no question about the fact that we need a news agency. One of the greatest difficulties under which the Irish nation has had to labour for, it may be said, a century has been the difficulty of trying to get the Irish point of view put over in sympathetic terms in the foreign Press.

Sympathetic terms are hard to find.

No doubt many in Labour Party are feeling a bit poxed.




1. eamonncork - May 30, 2014

And last weekend Ballynanty Rovers lost 4-0 to St. Michaels, Tipperary in the final of the FAI Junior Cup. The wrath of the fairies continues.


2. shea - May 30, 2014

heard down around tara the fairies are credited with the fall of noel dempsey, FF, the PD’s and the greens as well


3. Sharrow - May 30, 2014

Reblogged this on The Wanton Witch.


4. Ashtoreth Eldritch - May 30, 2014

Reblogged this on Notes from the Underground and commented:
Some things you just leave alone. Respect is reciprocal, and I wouldn’t want to be the fool responsible for this desecration.


5. LeftAtTheCross - May 30, 2014

Someone had a go at the Lia Fáil last year with a hammer. Thankfully the damage was slight. I suspect it’s some anti-pagan christian fundamentalist nutter. Ronan Mullen maybe.


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