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The Elections in Maps June 4, 2014

Posted by irishelectionliterature in Irish Politics.

The Irish Political Maps Site has some great maps showing the vote share by Local Electoral Area for most of the registered political formations that contested the recent Local Elections. Some interesting ones for The AAA, PBP and WP are included.

Adrian Kavanagh also has some maps on his articles regarding Fianna Fail and Labour

The Tallyrific Maps Facebook page has some interesting Local ones with more to be added in due course


1. Tomboktu - June 8, 2014

Two questions:

Are any of the 14 AAA councillors not members of the Socialist Party?

Are any of the 14 PBPA councillors not members of the SWP?


Jack Jameson - June 8, 2014

I don’t know the answer to this but I think the Socialist Party has been more upfront about being the driving force behind the AAA than the SWP has been in using PBPA as an electoral flag of convenience.


CMK - June 8, 2014

5 are not members of the SP.


WorldbyStorm - June 8, 2014

+1 Jack Jameson. I’d certainly agree the SP has been a lot lot less coy about its involvement than PBP.


2. Tomboktu - June 8, 2014

The Journal has an infographic at the end of the story about the Irish Independent’s opinion poll. It lists the number of seats most groups got up until yesterday’s deferred election in Monaghan.

The infographic has a slice for the Greens, with their 12 seats. But neither the PBPA or AAA, both of which (a) got more seats and (b) have TDS unlike the Greens, were given slices.

If you want to send a note to the Journal and/or the writer, the report gives an email address, a “corrections” link, and allows comments (well, comments if you have a facebook or twitter acount).

Infographic on thejournal.ie reporting 12 seats for GP but not separating the result for AAA or PBPA



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