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During wartime June 6, 2014

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Given the day that is in it, there’s a fascinating piece here on Slate how the news of the D-Day landings was transmitted in the US three days early due to an error by a tele typist at AP in London. As fascinating is a link in the Slate piece to an article by a US journalist in 1944 on ‘tips for Historians in 2044’ looking back at the war.


1. Justin Moran - June 6, 2014

Not sure that second link is working.


Michael Carley - June 6, 2014

You can get it by searching for `tips for Historians in 2044′

at http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html

I had to look up who Sewell Avery was.


WorldbyStorm - June 6, 2014

Yes, apologies, links went a bit mad today. I was in work at lunch and I don’t have proper access to site except through my phone so I just thought the link through the article would do, thanks for that Michael.


WorldbyStorm - June 6, 2014

BTW, what a piece of work Avery was.


Michael Carley - June 6, 2014

He was special, wasn’t he, although I liked the story about him two National Guardsmen carrying him bodily out of his office when the company was taken under public control.

If only, …


2. shea - June 6, 2014

on Sean o rourke this morning a historian was saying the american ambassador to this state at that time was being a bit of a dick believing that news of d day would leak out through ireland.


WorldbyStorm - June 6, 2014

That’s true


3. Wild Rover - June 6, 2014

D Day code words hidden in Telegraph Crossword puzzles May 1944. http://puzzles.telegraph.co.uk/site/article_full_details?article_id=16


4. Paul Wilson - June 9, 2014

I used to work in the Press Association dark room in Fleet ST. One of the legends there was that the first roll of film from the landings of the British Army Corps was rushed back to UK by PT boat and then by motorbike to London. The darkroom tech at PA was young and very shaky and overdeveloped the film. He was’nt shot though.


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