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The trouble with councils… June 6, 2014

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No, not that one, this one.


1. CL - June 6, 2014

Jesus wept.


WorldbyStorm - June 6, 2014

It’s amazing stuff isn’t it? I await a worker to do the right thing. I’m not particularly exercised by religion. But… a public space…a state space. FFS.


2. Tomboktu - June 7, 2014

It’s difficult to know if it is a breach of the equality legislation. They are maturely focused. Somebody would need to show that they are less favourably treated than rise by it being there. The fact that it is a public authority doesn’t come into that question under the equality legislation.


3. RosencrantzisDead - June 7, 2014

It would seem that they consulted the equality acts but not the Constitution:

Article 44.2.2° The State guarantees not to endow any religion.

While one can guarantee that the courts will deploy their usual sophistry in order to avoid embarassing the government or engaging in any controversy, it might be hard to claim that money spent on the maintenance and erection of a religious symbol is not endowment of religion.


Tomboktu - June 8, 2014

Well, given that paying teachers in primary schools to teach religion for 30 minutes per day is perfectly constitutional, I imagine that the lower cost of installing a cricifix would easily pass the constitutional requirements.


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