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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Thee Amazing Colossal Men. June 14, 2014

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Another mostly forgotten Irish band Thee Amazing Colossal Men.
Part of their bio from LastFM site gives a background.

The original version of Thee Amazing Colossal Men was part of the 60s-inspired garage psych/punk scene of the mid-80s (along with the Golden Horde and The Gorehounds; the “Rockabilly Psychosis” compilation was very influential). They played psychedelic 60s covers and were reputedly a fantastic live band. This lineup included Dave Clifford (of Vox fanzine fame), Garret Lee on guitar, Sid Rainey (ex Sid & The Stonecrushers), on bass and Mark O’Sullivan on vocals. Their only vinyl appearance as far as I’m aware was on the “Guru Weirdbrain” sampler. The recorded several demo tapes, two in 1987 alone. The first of these contained voiceovers which Hot Press described as distracting. The second 6-song demo reviewed in November 1987 was described as being much better, with the live sound production suiting the powerful rock music on offer.

I was still in school when my friend got a copy of a Demo Tape from Thee Amazing Colossal Men. The demo was very good with ‘Loganberry Woman’ and ‘Dust’ probably the best tracks on it.  When writing this and scouring youtube for clips what did I managed to track down only some tracks from that very demo. I’ve included a number of songs from it , these are the Soundcloud clips.
Of their songs “Superlove Experience” is probably the most well known of their songs.(I’ve also included the single version and the remix Superlove Deluxe which was on the 12″ of ‘Superlove experience’). Their recorded output wasn’t huge at all and their song ‘Lets Talk About Girls’ was a track on the “Guru Weirdbrain” compilation which I have at home. They were subsequently signed to Siren Records and their Album ‘Totale’ eventually came out. It was a bit of a disappointment.  As is often the case it was overproduced and didn’t seem to capture their ‘live’ feel at all.
There’s a certain thrill too when following a band from the start and Thee Amazing Colossal Men were one of those for me. Aside from the demo, I saw them a number of times in McGonagles and the Baggott Inn. They featured on one of the ‘Seven Bands on the UP’ gigs which if I remember correctly were in the SFX. They were a wonderful live band.
After ‘Totale’ they had a disagreement with the record company and left Siren Records. They later reformed as ‘Compulsion’.



1. WorldbyStorm - June 14, 2014

Always quite liked them, but had completely forgotten they became Compulsion! Nice one IEL.


2. Bert Carolan - December 24, 2019

How can I get their first album again? Loved it at the time


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