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What you want to say – 18th June 2014 June 18, 2014

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. Roger Cole - June 18, 2014

Margaretta D’Arcy’s next trial by the Irish State for opposing the US use of Shannon Airport in pursuit of their doctrine of perpetual war takes place in the Ennis Courthouse at 10.30am on Tuesday 24th of June.
The two “Social Democratic” candidates for the leadership the Labour Party that opposed the war and the use of Shannon Airport in that war, in government, not only supported the the war and the use of Shannon Airport in it, but advocated “additional military aircraft” to use the airport. As the consequences of the US/EU/NATO war on Iraq
are continuing to be played out during their election, neither of them have anything to say on Ireland’s and Labour Party support for these imperialist wars.


steve white - June 19, 2014

so who will you be voting for?


2. sonofstan - June 18, 2014
sonofstan - June 18, 2014

They should just go all the way and make welfare competitive in an X-factor stylee – audition to live!


WorldbyStorm - June 19, 2014

Means testing. And he calls himself a socialist.


sonofstan - June 19, 2014

Actually what am I saying? the way in which assessments for disability benefit have been conducted here already makes X-F style public humiliation look enlightened.


Ralph Miliband - June 19, 2014



que - June 22, 2014

What have British Labour done thats socialist in 2 decades.

More of the same from that quarter.


3. Roger Cole - June 19, 2014

Steve, I don’t know yet, and I don’t think it will make much of a difference. However I will base my decision on how they anser my question re the use of Shannon Airport at the meeting on the 26th of June.


steve white - June 19, 2014

because that was of so much use in indicating their actions afterward, the last time?


4. BB - June 19, 2014

Reports on the Banking Inquiry committee get me thinking…

Stephen Donnelly resigns after accusing Enda Kenny of “treating democracy in a cavalier manner” by imposing two Senators to secure a Government majority on the inquiry.

Well, as Joe Higgins said “All parties understood the Government was always going to use its Dáil majority to have a majority on the committee.”

And to give Higgins his due, he resolutely did something in stepping forward to join the committee. He will seek to use every opportunity to expose any wrongdoing and explore revelations. He even did so within his first 24 hours by demanding the attendance of Ahern, Cowen and Kenny.

Some queried whether Pearse Doherty should stay on. But why wouldn’t he? Anyone with some expertise in financial matters will find it very easy to ask clever questions. This means gaining a national platform and media spotlights — not to forget, ahem, addressing issues of public concern. Donnelly might have read it wrong, when he took a moralistic approach. His presence might have benefited him. Of course, there might be other issues on his mind, such as wrestling with the problems of being an Independent.

I considered it interesting that there were no other nominations for the committee from the Technical Group. Everybody get ready for the elections perhaps — being here, there and everywhere — morning, noon and night.


WorldbyStorm - June 19, 2014

That’s something I hadn’t thought about, your last point there, I think what you’re suggesting rings true.

Agree entirely, JH was sensible to step up, and PD to stay on board. How this works out for SD is an intriguing question.


5. Starkadder - June 19, 2014

Brace yourselves- Ron Paul is going to be in “Atlas Shrugged 3”!


No word yet on whether he’s going to follow this up by playing
an imprisoned bisexual drug smugger….


Starkadder - June 19, 2014

Should be “imprisoned bisexual drug smuggler .”
Freudian slip?


6. Liberius - June 22, 2014

And part five of my series on the European elections, covering Italy, Latvia and Luxembourg this time round. Hungary and Lithuania were skipped due to a lack of interesting results and Ireland was skipped due to the fact that I’ve doubt I could add to what is already know to all about our own elections that were cover so well here at CLR.



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