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Who is Going to Win the World Cup? June 28, 2014

Posted by Garibaldy in Sport.

Despite the massive waste of billions of dollars, the militarised policing of the favelas and eviction of people, the violent responses to protests, and all the accusations of corruption that always go with FIFA, that have rightly enraged many in Brazil, in football terms, this has been an outstanding World Cup, easily the best I remember.

The fact that after the first round of group games, the teams have scored nearly as many goals as in the entire last World Cup says a lot. There have been awesome goals, with Tim Cahill’s volley the pick of the bunch in my opinion, closely followed by Van Persie’s header. Spain bored me rigid at Euro 2012, and I was delighted to see them perform so miserably, while the humiliation of other European powers (well, one power and one that thinks it is) by Costa Rica has been something to see. Messi doing the business, Neymar being outstanding, Robben rampaging, Muller scoring for fun, Klose equalling the record, Rodriguez and the rest of the Chile team and their duracell-bunny manager, the Mexican goalkeeper, and all the rest have made this a great footballing spectacle. Even the ITV coverage has been good, although the absence of Roy Keane has been a shame.

So with the round of 16 about to start today, who is going to win? I reckon Brazil will do it, though wouldn’t be surprised to see Holland win. What do people think (or is it only LoI that gets the football juices really flowing here?)


1. 6to5against - June 28, 2014

I think Holland have the quality – and I’d ove them to win to somehow make up for not winning inthe 70s – but I have expect to implode at some point. Brazil will cave under the unbelieveable pressure.
I don’t how the draw plays out from here, but I think Argentina vs Germany in the latter stages coiuld be a great game, with Argentina to win out.


Garibaldy - June 29, 2014

They nearly imploded tonight, but did brilliantly to win that game (not forgetting the nature of the penalty). They have their flaws, but so does everyone else. The Brazil-Colombia game will be fascinating, especially if Rodriguez plays anywhere like he did yesterday.


2. Ciaran - June 28, 2014

Yep, Argentina for me as well. They seem to be getting into their stride.

Also, great to see more than one African team in the knockout rounds for the first time ever. Mexico and Costa Rica have been surprisingly good as well.

Colombia have probably been the best team so far, but they’ll probably have a quarter-final with Brazil, and on the basis of this competition (and the Confederations Cup last year), FIFA seem determined to get the hosts at least to the semi-finals, in order to postpone an escalation in street protests until after the end of the movable tax haven that is the World Cup.


3. LeftAtTheCross - June 28, 2014

France or Netherlands for me. Or Germany of course, can’t ever rule them out.


4. Conor O Briain - June 29, 2014

It’s a capitalist excrescence and the obscenity of 78 stains it for ever…but can’t help watching it… Argentina for me


5. Gewerkschaftler - June 30, 2014

After seeing Brazil’s last match I have to say I’m less and less convinced by them as prospective winners, despite their advantages.

It’s good to see small African and Latin American countries doing well, but I’m beginning to suspect that either Holland or Germany could make it. I’ve no idea about Argentina because I’ve not seen any of their matches.

As to the quality of the footie – the game usually mostly bores me to watch rather than play (and I’m no longer capable of playing 5 a side for more than 10 minutes without a sit down!), but this World cup has been sufficiently good to hold my interest.


Gewerkschaftler - June 30, 2014

OK ‘small’ wasn’t the right description of Nigeria. Or Mexico. Or Chile for that matter if we’re talking longitude spread.


6. Paul Wilson - July 1, 2014

Argentina with Messi scoring the winner possibly Costa Rica as an outsider.


7. Joe - July 1, 2014

It will be Brazil. Inevitably.


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