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Not quite the working right they say it is… July 2, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in British Politics, Economy.

As someone noted in comments under this report here on the extension of the right to ask for flexible working hours in the UK, not – note – the right to have them, if even the Guardian which headlined their piece as follows ‘Flexible working extended to all employees in the UK’ has got it wrong, what hope for the story to be correctly reported elsewhere?

It’s fascinating reading the comments to see the enormous variation in working conditions from companies that are eager to allow flexibility through to those who dismiss the idea out of hand. In the latter instance it is difficult not get the sense that there’s almost a punitive attitude to working environments on the part of those who run them.

Also fascinating and depressing to see the negative attitudes to them and the continual misrepresentation of ‘flexible hours’ as being necessarily ‘reduced hours’ i the sense of job sharing, part-time working, etc, which it isn’t necessarily. By the by, one of the more pernicious aspects of the push-back against the public sector in the past five or so years was the antipathy to flexible working in it. Completely illogical.

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