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Left Archive: Peace With Justice, Provisional Sinn Féin, 1972 and 1975 July 7, 2014

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

To download this document please click on the following link:PWJ SF 1972

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This short document from Provisional Sinn Féin was first printed in 1972 and then reprinted in 1975. It calls for ‘A British Withdrawal’, ‘A New Ireland negotiated by the Irish People themselves’ and ‘A general amnesty for all political prisoners’.

Its contents essentially reiterates Eire Nua (see here for the copy in the ILA). And it reprints elements of the ‘New Constitution’, the ‘Draft Charter of Rights’ and aspects of the structure of the proposed new government.

It concludes:

The above programme is an outline of the New Ireland envisaged by the Republican Movement. Its adoption will ensure that the sacrifices of generations will not have been in vain. Peace, prosperity and security can be secured for all our people and foreign rule and dissension shall be buried for ever.

Clearly the basic function was to ensure that the key points of Eire Nua were conveyed more widely than the original readership of that document.


1. Gerryboy - July 7, 2014

They didn’t achieve all those aims, did they?


2. Gerryboy - July 7, 2014

But here is a $64,000 question.

Since in 1998 a new Ireland was “negotiated by the Irish people themselves” with some help from their British and American political friends, and endorsed in two referenda, can Robert Emmet’s epitaph now finally be inscribed on his headstone?


3. Gerryboy - July 7, 2014

And are there any suggestions for the wording of Emmet’s epitaph?


workers republicu - July 7, 2014

No! Obviously not. All the public resources/national assets must be owned by the people, all the people and we must have a revolutionary democracy .Freedom and equality must be actual not potential. To each according to their needs, from each according to their ability.


4. workers republicu - July 7, 2014

So,Joan and Frances agree, isn’t that nice! and it’s the ” Coping Classes that are hit hardest by the recessation; did theleader of the Labour Party really say that! but isn’t that what Michael Noonan and Endanger Kenny have been saying for a long time now, they’d like to give them a cut in income tax.
Indeed Frank Cluskey brought in an allowance for Single Mothers, but this government has done nothing for Single Parents only making their life more difficult with cut-backs, home taxes and water charges.
Nothing in the Harris interview would indicate anything but business as usual for the Labour Party


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