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The CLR Political Quiz …. Number 71 July 18, 2014

Posted by irishelectionliterature in CLR Political Quiz.

1. When and where was PR first used in an Irish Election?
2. Which Wicklow TD has an All Ireland Club Medal ?
3. Which Two TDs were part of the ‘Gaza Freedom Flotilla’ in late 2010 ?
4. Has a People Before Profit Alliance candidate ever stood in a Dail By Election?
5. Which party established the “Forum for Opportunity” ?
6. What Ministerial office did Ray Burke hold when resigned in disgrace in 1997?
7. In 2007 who was voted the Magill TD of the Year ?
8. Which former Limerick Hurling manager stood in the 2002 General Election?
9. How many current TDs were first elected to the Dail in By-Elections?
10. Who is this?


1. Brian Hanley - July 18, 2014

1) 1919- Sligo district council?
8) Tom Ryan


Roasted Snow - July 18, 2014

Yes Brian, Sligo for no.1 in 1919 and then Belfast municipal Jan 1920.


2. CMK - July 18, 2014

1.) 1923 General election?


3. ar scáth a chéile - July 18, 2014

10. Big Phil?


4. Jolly Red Giant - July 18, 2014

No.4 Pretty sure they haven’t – but they will in DSW

No. 6 Burke was in Foreign Affairs and selling passports

No. 9 – we have the following
Ruth Coppinger Dublin West 2014
Gabrielle McFadden Longford–Westmeath 2014
Helen McEntee Meath East 2013
Pearse Doherty
Maureen O’Sullivan
Catherine Murphy

things start to get a little fuzzy now
Jan O’Sullivan
Seamus Healy
Kathleen Lynch
Simon Coveney
Eric Byrne
I think Michael Ring got in when PeeWee went to Europe

That’s 12 but I’m sure I’m missing some.


6to5against - July 18, 2014

Didn’t Enda first win his seat in a bye election, after the death of his father, I think, in 1975?


Jolly Red Giant - July 18, 2014

Spot on – that’s one I missed


PaddyM - July 19, 2014

Tom Hayes (Tipp South)


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