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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Rubyhorse July 26, 2014

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

In the mid 90’s I lived in Cork for a period. Rubyhorse were a Cork band just releasing their first album. One of my co workers knew one of them and I went to see them live a few times and bought the Album ‘A Lifetime In One Day’. The Album was good, although they were better live.”Horses” and “Touch and Go” were two particular favourites. They were big enough in Cork but hadn’t been heard of much in Dublin.
Their lead singer , David Farrell, was the ultimate showman, Cork and cocky he had an incredible stage presence. He was so confident he was almost dislikeable but worked the stage well.
In 1997 , rather than relocate to London as many Irish bands had done, they moved to Boston in the US and started again from scratch. They built up a following there got signed to a major label (Interscope) and moved to LA. They recorded an album that was never released….. and split from the label.
They toured the US for a number of years and performed on The David Letterman show and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. They split in 2004. In their time in the US they released four albums ‘Rise’, ‘Any Day Now’, ‘Goodbye To All That’ and ‘How Far Have You Come?’.
They did some renunion gigs in Cork recently.
Their Facebook Page

The first album ‘A Lifetime In One Day’ is available to Stream on Grooveshark
“Fell On Bad Days”


1. EamonnCork - July 28, 2014

Haven’t been on the site much lately, school holidays and good weather mean I haven’t exactly been glued to the computer. So maybe someone already noted the passing of the great jazz bassist Charlie Haden after 76 full years. If not, he’s well worth remembering because, in addition to having been involved in much great and innovative music for half a century, he was also a man of the left who managed to combine political commitment with artistic excellence in his Liberation Music Orchestra albums, the first which dealt with the Spanish Civil War and the second which was a response to US policy in Latin America during the eighties. Wonderful music in its own right but will also strike a resonant chord with CLR people.
So here’s a couple of bits from those albums, followed by the music which initially brought him to public notice and something from a late collaboration I always loved. A list of the people he collaborated with makes a pretty comprehensive roll call of everything that mattered in jazz in the last sixty years.




Not the right thread I know but I couldn’t find another suitable one.


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