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The Consequences of Flag Wars in the North July 29, 2014

Posted by Garibaldy in Sectarianism.

Hard to know what to say to the news that a man has drowned trying to take down two tricolours from an island within a majority Protestant village (the flags had been reported in the news recently, with a local SF MLA calling for their removal)


1. benmadigan - July 29, 2014

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the whole episode as this blog writes http://www.judecollins.com/2014/07/flags-death-unanswered-questions/
Personally speaking I don’t know why he didn’t go out to the island in a boat. What on earth made an elderly pensioner decide to swim?According to the Guardian he belonged to the group
” Families Acting for Innocent Relatives (Fair)”
Willie Frazer, Fair’s founder, (the man who can’t tell the difference between the Irish and Italian flags) said: “ The two Irish tricolours had been reported and indeed they should have been removed but were not”.
Why were the proper authorities (whoever they are in this case) not given time to act?
“Regrettably Ozzy was then forced into taking matters into his own hands and tragically died as a consequence”.
Who or what “forced” Mr Bradley “into taking matters into his own hands”?
Who or what ever forced any Loyalist into taking matters into their own hands instead of leaving them to the proper authorities ?


2. Séamus - July 30, 2014

By most accounts he was trying to replace the tricolours with Union flags so that would explain his foolish attempt to take matters in his own hands.


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