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Wishlist for Left Archive… July 31, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive.

…it’s that time of year when we ask for copies of documents from organisations that are not yet represented in the Archive…

As always one that would be very handy to flesh out our CPI (M-L) collection would be a Red Patriot from 1979, a year when according to subsequent Red Patriots there appears to have been contention within that party that was reflected in a different line expressed in that publication.

Then there are the Red Republicans who may, or may not, have produced material. More feminist publications are essential, and we’re interested in broadening the historical scope of the Archive, currently we’ve very few documents that pre-date the 1960s, but the Irish Left didn’t sprint into being then, anything but, so if you have, or know of documents from before that any information would be very welcome.

And any thoughts from you as to what is missing would be very welcome.


1. Brian Hanley - July 31, 2014

I don’t have any personal copies but there are very interesting debates, relevant to the left, in the 1970’s An Phoblacht, especially from 1974 onwards.
From a different perspective most of the Limerick Socialist seems to be on-line.


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