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Sports Special – what you want to say… August 4, 2014

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Here’s our weekly thread for people to talk, sound off, discuss, give out, or whatever they want about sport… and by the way, if anyone has posts they think would be appropriate for the site on sport send them in…


1. TheVillan - August 5, 2014

So then, we need to talk about Soccer Republic last night. Highlights of the crucial top of the table clash between the best supported team in Ireland and the league leaders relegated to second place so a choreographed set-to between some minor LOI media personality and the former manager from some team from West Dublin could happen. What a joke!


WorldbyStorm - August 5, 2014

Sorry TheVillan, my other comment on this thread wasn’t addressed to you but another commenter whose comment has been deleted.


2. Shane - August 5, 2014

Musing on what has been an interesting summer for GAA and what happens in the stands/terraces. There is a minor furore regards the removal of Palestinian flags last Saturday in Croke Park. Talks of protests this week with many more flags. The fact that apparently Sky Sports is in the mix as one of the reasons for removal is of course red rag to bull territory for some of us.The way Jones road operates seems to be in marked contrast to how other GAA venues handle themselves. Although Dominic Carroll, in a letter to Examiner suggested that in its last two outings before the wrecking ball, Pairc Ui Chaoimh was going in the same direction.
“The decision to employ a private security firm at Páirc Uí Chaoimh to control fans attending the Munster finals is just the latest advance in the race to turn the GAA into a corporation”

Funnily enough this so called new system failed dismally to curtail the smoke and pyro spectacular that the Limerick fans unleashed from the City end terrace during Munster final. I was more than a bit surprised that little or no press photography picked up on this in the days that followed. A case of “if we don’t cover it, ‘t will go away”

Apart from leaving Cork fans in the shade on said day in terms of support, another reason I enjoyed pyro display was more on the petty level about how much it must have upset Frank Murphy. The fawning coverage of him and his grand scheme for Pairc Ui Chaoimh was fairly sickening to behold in papers during early July. Aside from strike etc, I was reminded of another incident from 1993, classic Frank Murphy described in a short extract here from U2 LIVE

“The Cork show is preceded by another controversy, when Cork County secretary Frank Murphy of the highly conservative Gaelic Athletics Association, who own the stadium, bans the sale of U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’ condoms from their merchandise stands. U2 manager Paul McGuinness reacts by handing out handfuls of condoms for free to an eagerly accepting crowd. His action is criticised by the Lord Mayor of Cork, who is upset “because there were also 13-year olds in the audience”. Of course, Bono uses his McPhisto character to take a sneer at Frank Murphy’s decision. “Civilisation is crumbling, who can take it back from the the brink? The GAA, that’s who! We’re their guests tonight, so there’ll be no sale of condoms, no rubber Johnnies”. The crowd laugh as he continues to ridicule Murphy: “We don’t want the young people carried away on a sea of seed and desire, now we do? They’ll be at it like rabbits, slaves to the devil’s monument, delivered to the gates of the hell in latex jackets! Contraception, safe sex, AIDS: it’s not their problem. No homo’s, junkies or Haitians here tonight; just castrated, abstemious, happy families! Fine and dandy, not a willie in sight. And we got the GAA to thank for that”. McPhisto delivers a brief rendition of an old Eurovision Song Contest entry, Dana’s All Kinds of Everything, when he calls Frank Murphy, but nobody picks up. Murphy is in the stadium watching the show.–“


Shane - August 5, 2014

That beautiful green haze from down the pairc


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