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Left Archive: Labour Referendum Posters, 1968 and 1972 August 7, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive.

Many thanks to Peter Mooney for donating these posters to the Archive (just part of a large number of materials that will be appearing here over the next year from him), both from the Labour Party.


The first from 1968 was in response to the referendum introduced by the then Fianna Fáil government to abolish Proportional Representation and replace it with the ‘straight vote’.

The second is from the 1972 campaign in regard to the European Economic Community.


1. doctorfive - August 9, 2014

Unlike others, the Labour Party has never sought to isolate ourselves from Europe – Joan Burton, last month



WorldbyStorm - August 10, 2014

That is such a great point… reading this


I see that:

“The Labour Party, trade unions and Provisional and Official Sinn Féin – each suspicious of the EC and the effects of Irish membership of it – campaigned for accession to be rejected.”

It’s just whatever they want to say, isn’t it? Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not… away they go.


doctorfive - August 10, 2014

Blame lays with those who report on politicians uncritically


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