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Quiz from O’er the Water – No. 2 August 14, 2014

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Culture, History, Irish Politics, The Left.

Many thanks for this quiz which was set by NollaigO. Answers to follow in a few days time!

Q1 Famously, Napoleon invited the Pope to his coronation as emperor in 1804 but seized the crown out of the hands of the Pope and crowned himself. In which famous venue was the ceremony held and what was the name of the Pope? [Just the regnal name; not the number!]

Q2 On 17th December 1985, 15 MPs of the British House of Commons applied for the Chiltern Hundreds and for Steward of the Manor of Norstead [aka “resigned their seats”].

What caused this?

Q3 Following the establishment of the Irish Free State, three deep water Treaty Ports were retained by the United Kingdom in accordance with the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 6 December 1921. As part of the resolution of the Anglo-Irish Trade War in the 1930s, the ports were returned to Ireland in 1938.

Name the Treaty Ports.

Q4 What is the link in the following 16th century, chronological list:

1 : Peterborough Abbey; 2: Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London;

3: St Georges Chapel, Windsor; 4: Westminster Abbey;

5: Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London; 6: Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire.

Q5 The origin of the phrase “Your name is mud” is often wrongly attributed to a Dr Samuel Mudd because he sheltered and medically treated a famous fugitive at his home in Charles County, Maryland in April 1865. Who was the fugitive?

Q6 Which famous people were killed by the following assassins:

Prince Felix Yusupov
John Bellingham
Ramon Mercader
Marcus Brutus?

Q7 James Hoban was born in Callan, in County Kilkenny in 1762. He studied architecture at the Royal Dublin Society Drawing School. In 1781, he emigrated and in 1792 he won an architectural competition to design a still world famous building. In 1814 he was appointed to rebuild the building after it had been deliberately destroyed by fire.

Which building and who burned it?

Q8 What was the controversial publication, allegedly written by Gregori in 1924, that enabled Stanley overcome Ramsey?

Q9 The 1912 American presidential election was contested by the incumbent president, a past president and a third candidate who won the election.

Name all three.

Q10 Former Irish Naval Services vessel, Muirchú was withdrawn from service in 1947. The ship then sank off the Saltee Islands while being towed to the scrapyard.

What was the previous name and controversial role in Irish History of the Muirchú ?


1. Tomboktu - August 14, 2014

Q2… 15 MPs… hmmm… I’m guessing with that number it’s something like unionists resigning in protest at something. Was Anglo Irish agreement that year?


2. LeftAtTheCross - August 14, 2014

10. Was it the gunboat that shelled the GPO or the Four Courts, can’t remember the name?


3. sonofstan - August 14, 2014

7. The Capitol?


4. Garibaldy - August 14, 2014

Q.1 Pius (VII I think)

Q.2. Anglo-Irish Agreement I think

Q.6 Rasputin, don’t know, Trotsky, Caesar

Q.7 White House and the British


5. Garibaldy - August 14, 2014

Q.8 is a document about Bolshevik/Labour Party relations but can’t remember the exact details


FergusD - August 14, 2014

The Zinoviev Letter?


6. RosencrantzisDead - August 14, 2014

Q5.John Wilkes Booth. He broke his ankle jumping from the theatre balcony.

Q9. Woodrow Wilson; Theodore Roosevelt; William Howard Taft.


RosencrantzisDead - August 14, 2014

Q 4. The various venues for Henry VIII’s weddings (this is a guess).

Great questions, by the way.


7. Jolly Red Giant - August 14, 2014

To fill in some of the blanks

Q.1 Notre Dame
Q.2 Tom is right – 15 Unionists resigned over the Anglo-Irish Agreement. Is McGuinness still the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead?
Q.3 is easy – Cobh, Castletownbare and Lough Swilly
Q.4 Had a vague idea of what this might be, but I was curious so I googled it – WbS can give the answer if nobody figures it out.
Q.6 Bellingham killed some obscure British Prime Minister (don’t know which one)
Q.10 – LatC is right – the Helga.


Garibaldy - August 14, 2014

Missed the venue bit of the question, and that Tombuktu had answered the AIA one. Spencer Perceval is the PM then, 1812.


8. EamonnCork - August 14, 2014

8 is known as the Zinoviev Letter I think.


9. NollaigO - August 14, 2014

Only Q4 to go (There’s three clues hidden in the question). Rosencrantz is on right lines.
Need more specific answer for Q8 to get the points, Garibaldy.
Was Q3 (apart from Cobh) really an easy question?
I would have thought that Q6 (apart from John Bellingham) was the easy question.


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