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Pinochet… too much for (some) in the US, but not for the Tories… September 11, 2014

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…appears to be the implicit message of this piece here on documents recently unearthed in US archives.

Peter Kornbluh, author of The Pinochet File said:
“An asset like Pinochet becomes a liability when he is no longer seen as capable of stopping the forces of the left and creating a stable economic climate… Reagan admired Pinochet and wanted to go to Chile to personally thank him for ‘saving Chile’ and tell him [Pinochet] that ‘it was time to go’,” Kornbluh said, citing declassified White House records. “But George Shultz [then secretary of state] said absolutely not. Pinochet had too much blood on his hands.”


Kornbluh said Pinochet’s intransigence with even the most conservative democratic factions pushed him out of US favour and that by fall 1986, the US government had decided to help end the dictatorship and restore moderate civilian rule.

As will be remembered, when this occurred in London, the great and the good of the Tory party weren’t behind in coming forward to support him.


1. Gewerkschaftler - September 12, 2014

Very appropriate for the day that was in it. The Wikipedia article is extremely good, as far as I can see – well worth a read.


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