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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… A selection of tracks… October 11, 2014

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Arnaud Robotini The First Thirteen Minutes of Love

Been meaning to post this up for quite a while but never got the chance, this is from the last couple of years or so and his excellent Someone Gave Me Religion LP. Robotini is perhaps more famous for Black Strobe.

Aphex Twin XMAS_EVET10 [120][thanaton3 mix] (live version)

A very listenable album that doesn’t try to obscure its roots. Early Aphex Twin soundscapes? Check. Added percussion from later Aphex Twin. Check. More than a hint of Black Dog. Check. The piano like keyboard on this, all smeared slightly detuned sounds, is what makes this track for me. Almost none more 1995.

Comsat AngelsIndependence Day

There are two version of this, one on their first album form 1980, and then one on their later, more commercial (for which some will read ‘sell-out’) album, Land from 1983 or so. I’m a bad bad person, I know, for preferring the later one. But that said, the album from which it is drawn (and the next one after that) is unbelievable, and not really in a good way, to those of us who cherish Sleep No More or whatever. Clearly someone in the Angels camp put out the welcome mat to pop, and in some ways the most hackneyed pop at that (the Psychedelic Furs took a not dissimilar journey but did it better in my opinion). Pop took one look and ran as far and as fast as it could, result being no success and abandonment by their label some years later. They reformed subsequently and returned to their more usual approach. Which was a better plan.

Harvey Bainbridge Voyager 1 (The Voyage)

At one point a mainstay of Hawkwind, in 1993 Mr. Bainbridge released the most curious Interstellar Chaos album, which consisted entirely of instrumentals. Though instrumentals for the most part lacking percussion, or melody, or… er… anything much else except for synthesised swooshings and odd found sounds, so much so that it’s been described as being almost freeform jazz like. But that was okay, in fact that was better than alright, because it was space themed, something I think about a space freighter seeing the sights of the galaxy, and it sounded like nothing else I’ve ever heard. Too loud for most ambient at the time, too fragmented for anything else. I found it catalogued under the IDM label in Comet or somewhere like that a year or two later – which in retrospect seems optimistic.

If I say this is the most…erm… melodic track, you’ll get the idea.

Spratley Japs Sparrows

Another Cardiacs side project, spin-off, whatever, with a somewhat softer neo-psychedelic approach musically. Somewhat. Joanne Spratley’s occasional vocals, as on this track are great. I’d strongly recommend the track Vine as well.

Wizards of Firetop Mountain Sonic War

An Irish band, no less. Stoner/metal. I cannot but love a group that on their band camp page have the following ‘Wizards go forth with stone and weed To conduct sorcery and onerous deeds With heavy riff we will give birth To rock and roll and hell on earth…’ . Of course they do.

Spirit Caravan Dreamwheel

And here’s US outfit Spirit Caravan ploughing that metal, Sabbath, stoner furrow, to good effect.

Sonic Attack feat Brian Blessed

And here’s an oddity from Hawkwind. One cannot but feel that it reflects certain – ahem – tensions in the Hawkwind camp in that it is a reworking of the old Michael Moorcock led track from the 1970s. It ain’t better than the original, that’s for sure, even if Blessed does his thing.

Tangerine Dream Midnight in Tula

There was a time when Tangerine Dream’s name was mud, but I suspect that was due to the fact that most people had only heard their soundtracks, rather than some of the genuinely avant-garde early stuff and Berlin School/krautrock output. That said it’s a mixed bag, genuinely good stuff cheek by jowl with some… er… not so good stuff. This is kind of fascinating. As if Gary Numan was asked to score Miami Vice. Or DAF were forced to go commercial.

The Physics House Band Obeliskmonolith

If you like prog and krautrock, chances are you’ll like The Physics House Band. A lot.

Protomartyr Scum, Rise!

I’m always entertained by the way in which every seven or eight years groups appear whose sound is a little bit post-punk, a little bit goth, and immediately they are heralded, usually in the US, as treading in Joy Division’s footsteps. Yes, once you Interpol were the future. Though they had also been listening to a hefty dose of Chameleons in their spare time too. Here’s Protomartyr whose output does indeed include on occasion staccato JD guitars and doomy vocals and so on, but in a weird way it reminds me more of a cross between the Teardrop Explodes and the actually pretty good Girls Vs Boys. Oh yeah, and Interpol too.

Concrete Blonde Bloodletting

Seeing as goth was mentioned, granted indirectly, and Joy Division were never goth, this is a catchy little song from CB from many many years ago. Never warmed to them, so to speak, but kind of like the track.

Pale Sketcher Wash It All Away? Remix.

Mentioned Resonanz Therapie Musik before and this comes from a while before that, a remix version…

Katmandu I Can Make the Future

An Irish band from the early 1980s, as a kid I loved this, the synth in this track burned its way indelibly into my mind. In retrospect it’s obvious someone was listening to a lot of John Foxx, Ultravox, Roxy, Bowie etc. Almost needless to say it took until the internet until there was a sniff at getting hold of the track. I still think it holds up pretty well, albeit the sound is broadly speaking unlike most of everything else they did.

No Agenda feat Steve KIlbey

The indefatigable Mr. Kilbey is roped in to make up numbers on vocals for shoe-gaze outfit Hammock.

Niagara Currybox

This is kind of cool, from earlier in the year.

Clap!Clap! Elon Mentana feat. DJ Khalab (Black Acre)

And this is kind of cool too.

Mirror Lakes Gold in April

From another indefatigable character in reasonably contemporary music, Knut Schreiner of Turbonegro, and Euroboys, and well, other groups… this is Mirror Lakes, which perfectly recreates a sort of breathless 1970s west coast rock sound.

And finishing up with Robyn Hitchcock and given something appearing a little later, a version of his track, Gene Hackman.


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