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Sinn Fein the biggest party in Sindo poll November 1, 2014

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SF 26%
FG 22%
FF 20%
Lab 7%
Others 24%

( figures don’t add to 100)

Is this the first time FG, FF and Labour combined don’t reach 50% ?

Sinn Fein the biggest party despite all their recent troubles.

Adrian Kavanaghs seat estimates based on this poll
Sinn Fein 44,
Fine Gael 43,
Fianna Fail 34,
Labour Party 2,
Independents and Others 35.


1. CL - November 1, 2014


WorldbyStorm - November 1, 2014

CL, that’s inspired that musical reference. Just on the poll…well, well, well. Cue furious analyses from the great and the good on how the political system is failing etc. that LP vote is one to watch. Oh yes and cue strenuous efforts re water charges.


2. CL - November 1, 2014

“The rise of the Independents continues with 23pc….Independents no change on 23pc.”


CL - November 1, 2014

Independent has now changed ‘independents no change on 23pc’ to read “Independents no change on up 2pc to 23pc.”- eventually they’ll get it right.


Gewerkschaftler - November 3, 2014

Now be fair. Ordinary Cert maths is not a necessary qualification for an Indo ‘journalist’/ sub.


3. PaddyM - November 1, 2014

Not from the Sunday Independent, but a contender for Stupid Statement of the Year – ladies and gentlemen, I give you (who else?) Stephen Collins:

Over the past decade or so Hogan has been one of the most influential figures in Irish politics and his contribution to making Fine Gael into the most formidable political force in the country cannot be overestimated.

In Government he demonstrated ability and courage as Minister for the Environment. It is hard to think of anybody else who would have managed to introduce the property tax, the water charges and the septic tank charges with relatively little fuss while promoting sweeping reform of local government as the same time.


WorldbyStorm - November 1, 2014

Wow… that’s some statement from him. I guess for him it truly is all in the timing…


4. benmadigan - November 2, 2014

i tried to put these figures into a Uk wide context – an interesting pattern emerges – bearing in mind all the usual caveats about polls http://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2014/11/02/perfidious-or-precarious-albion/


WorldbyStorm - November 2, 2014

Scottish results are very interesting.


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