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Left Archive: Republican News, No.2, 27th June 1973, Provisional Sinn Féin. January 12, 2015

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To download the above please click on the following link. REPUBLICANNEWSNo2
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Many thanks to ‘Spailpín’ for allowing us to scan materials from his collection including this.

This document from Provisional Sinn Féin in 1973 is the first issue of Republican News to be added to the Archive. Four pages long and in tabloid format it contains a range of articles. The lead article argues ’Stormont Must Not be Re-Built’ quoting Malachy Foots, spokesman for the Sinn Féin Ulster Executive who stated that:

…he was more convinced than ever that we are now on the eve of the rebuilding of the old Stormont, with its Unionist majority assisted by the SDLP, NILP, Republican Clubs, etc, to give it the guise of a democratic body’.

Another piece has the IRA condemning sectarian murders, those being the murder of Paddy Wilson and Irene Andrews.

We have repeatedly disclaimed and condemned sectarian killings and we deplore the foul murders of last night.

In the same piece:

The Belfast Brigade denied any involvement in the murder of the young protestant whose body was found in the Lower Falls area. They say that it is likely that he was the victim of the local fascist murder squad who were responsible for two murders of Catholic Boys in the Giants Ring area.

It notes under ‘Quislings publicly thanked’ that SF ‘wishes to express its contempt for the Quislings in the so-called National Coalition Government of the 26 Counties. Cosgrave and his ministers are attempting to assist Britain to finally achieve its long attempted aim of the final conquest of the Irish people’.

There’s is also a message from PIRA internees and detainees in Long Kesh.

Elsewhere Sinn Féin ‘calls for spoilt votes’ as well as a Ten Point Summary which concludes…

So defeat Whitelaw politically by spoiling your vote in a positive way. In place of 1,2,3 write in the letters EIRE NUA, the slogan of a free socialist 32-county Republic. Your intelligently spoiled vote will bring this goal nearer. You have won the military victory, now win the political one!


1. AonRud - January 12, 2015

That makes a nice round 400 documents in the archive!


2. Séamus - January 12, 2015

The young protestant in question was 16-year-old David Walker. He was killed by the Officials on 21 June 1973.


WorldbyStorm - January 12, 2015

That’s right I think Séamus.


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[…] Left Archive: Republican News, No.2, 27th June 1973, Provisional Sinn Féin. […]


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