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Military Matters: or the ‘normalisation’ of relationships? January 12, 2015

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Politics.

From today’s Irish Times comes news of a defence agreement between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The agreement will involve the:

Irish Army training British soldiers in peacekeeping operations as part of a wide-ranging deal involving closer co-operation between the two defence forces.
Another aspect of the agreement provides that the Irish Army will be provided, free of charge, with equipment that is surplus to the requirements of the British army.

Well now.


1. EWI - January 12, 2015

Members of the elite Rangers corps in the Irish Army trained with the British in some of the most dangerous combat zones in the world to bring their skills up to the required level.

Did the Dáil know of this? (“some of the most dangerous combat zones” heavily implies some of the UK’s wars). I’m guessing the answer is ‘no’.

This talk of “teaching peacekeeping” (like Mali’s supposed “teaching human rights”) is a fiction to get people used to the sight of British soldiers swanning around the Curragh again. If people stand for this, soon enough it’s off to NATO for us.


Michael Carley - January 12, 2015

“Required level” for what.

As for “did the Dail know of this?”: probably, if they read the Observer in 2001:

Elite troops from the Irish Army’s Ranger Wing will be sent to Afghanistan when the Cabinet gives the green light for Ireland to join the international peacekeeping force.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Defence Minister Michael Smith have said Ireland would send soldiers to the region following the end of the West’s war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

The 100-strong Ranger Wing trains with the SAS and elite units of the French and German armies. The Rangers are trained to carry out covert operations behind enemy lines as well as tackling plane hijackings and sieges.


“End of the West’s war” is it?


Gewerkschaftler - January 12, 2015

ROI is already a NATO “partner” .

As are many currently involved in the encircling of Russia in accordance with the Brzezinski doctrine. Including interestingly Mongolia. (!?)


2. shea - January 12, 2015

i hope some where there is some acknowledgement in irish military thinking that the british are the dominant military power in this region of the world and that the sourcing of weapons is not left to british hand me downs and the foolishness of being over reliant on them for training. Some day maybe in the far far future it is inevitable a scenario will arise where we need to be able to say no to them. signs don’t look good though.

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3. Roger Cole - January 13, 2015

Gewerkschaftler is correct, the EU (including Ireland) is defined by NATO as a”strategic partner”. There is the minor little detail that with millions of US troops landing in Shannon Airport going to and from their perpetual wars for well over a decade, making Ireland a US aircraft carrier. Greater military cooperation with another NATO state is just another part of Ireland’s integration into the US/EU/NATO war machine.


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