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Greek State Seeks to Prosecute KKE MEP & Parliamentary Candidates for Role in Protests January 15, 2015

Posted by Garibaldy in Communism.

The Greek state is seeking to prosecute two KKE trade unionists and parliamentary candidates, one of whom is already an MEP. The Greek prosecutors have asked the European parliament to remove the immunity of Sotiris Zarianopoulos for protests that took place in 2010! From the KKE statement

The bourgeois state is carrying out the persecution of militant trade unionists, in a period when the very tough electoral confrontation of the KKE against the bourgeoisie, the EU and its parties is underway.

A Workers’ Party statement of solidarity is here.


1. Greek Election Results In: Pro-Russia, Euro-socialist Party Assumes Control | Foreign Intrigue - February 5, 2015

[…] Greek State Seeks to Prosecute KKE MEP & Parliamentary Candidates for Role in Protests […]


2. https://Www.Youtube.com/watch?v=NTUquAjUX8o - February 5, 2015

, these passports are due to start being issued in October of 2006.
While celebrities are in many ways easy targets
– they already feed us all the information we never wanted to know about them
– they also have an added layer of legal protection and public relations disambiguation. The juggernaut armor gives you a lot of added survivability,
and you have an air strike you can call in to take out groups
of enemies.


3. Julio - February 6, 2015

Lung On and Doc Hay, in fact, fortified their building with a double door
with steel sheathing to defend against stray bullets.
This Newgrass sensation has lit up festival stages all over the world,
but it’s rare to get to see them in such an intimate environment.

A 45-minute tour there will help you appreciate the contribution and hardships suffered by Central Oregon’s Chinese population over 100 years ago.


4. Promovare online - February 6, 2015

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