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Socialist Republican Richard Behal (Part Two) February 18, 2015

Posted by irishelectionliterature in The Left, Video interview.

Via Irish Republican Marxist History Project

This is part two of the story of Irish Republican Richard Behal who as a young man joined the Irish Republican Army in Kilkenny he subsequently participated in Operation Harvest . (Otherwise known as the 1956-62 Border Campaign)

In 1965, one years before the 50th anniversary of the 1916 Easter rising, Richard was involved in an operation to attack the British naval boat HMS Brave Border with an anti-tank weapon in Waterford . The attack caused millions of pounds of damage to the boat.

In addition, he was arrested and remanded to Limerick prison from where he made a daring escape using a hack-saw to cut through the iron bars of the cell window.



1. benmadigan - February 19, 2015

enjoyed that very much .Also watched part 1. is there a part 3?


2. No splitter - February 19, 2015

“The attack caused millions of pounds of damage to the boat.” – is this a work of fiction or fact?


Michael Carley - February 19, 2015

Apparently so: look up the wikipedia page on the Boys anti-tank rifle.


Joe - February 20, 2015

I would guess that “millions of pounds” is an exaggeration. Who wrote the Wiki page?


Michael Carley - February 20, 2015

If they
wrecked a turbine, millions might be right at present day values if possibly a bit high. I don’t know what a big turbine cost in shillings.


paultarpey - December 26, 2015

Listen to the story at 45 mins approx. He explains the cost of the damage.


3. THE BOOGIE BATTLE | - February 25, 2015

[…] Socialist Republican Richard Behal (Part Two) […]


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