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Maunsell Sea forts… February 21, 2015

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This is great. I knew of Sealand, the supposed principality, but check these out… even better!

Constructed on/outside the Thames Estuary during World War Two as a defence against aircraft and quite successful in that task shooting down a fair number too. One would have thought they would have been quite vulnerable being a fixed installation but apparently not.

Very science fictional. Have they provided the backdrop to any films or TV series? An highly entertaining Dr. Who from the Jon Pertwee era used a different fort (and by the way the music in that is one of the most – erm – unique examples of electronica from the Radiophonic Workshop).


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2. hay day jeu liberment - February 28, 2015

For now, just say you want to seek out the Mages or
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on the screen. Check to see in case the location you get Hay Day Hack Tool from has a advantages plan.


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