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Mandatory jail sentences for ‘white collar crime’… well, that’d be a start March 30, 2015

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Economy, Irish Politics.

How’s this from the SBP at the weekend?

A Labour TD has drafted a bill to impose mandatory jail sentences on white-collar criminals. Clare backbencher Michael McNamara is seeking to get the support of his colleagues at their parliamentary party meeting this week.

He said he had drawn up the bill to extend the mandatory sentencing currently in place for firearms and drugs offences to white collar crime.

It is genuinely staggering the distinction made between some forms of crime and others. McNamara isn’t wrong when he notes:

“If you go ahead and hold up a shop and steal €1,000, you get a custodial sentence. If you steal the whole chain of shops, you get away with it. We just don’t view it as serious,” he said.

His bill provides for automatic jail sentences for those convicted of white-collar crimes, unless there are exceptional circumstances. It also provides for the establishment of an Office of Fiscal Prosecution, which would take over white collar crime cases from the Director of Public Prosecutions

And what of this example?

Last year, two former directors of Anglo Irish Bank were sentenced to 240 hours of community service for giving illegal loans to ten developers to buy shares in the bank. McNamara is planning to submit the bill for debate in the Dáil after presenting it to the Labour parliamentary party.

That gives a clear insight into how the system is structured to tilt towards the class interests of some and against others, doesn’t it?


1. rockroots - March 30, 2015

All the more staggering, seven years after the monumental banking fk-up, that this is only being considered now. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s received, as with his fatal foetal abnormalities bill: is there anything to be said for the likes of McNamara and Bacik picking their battles while towing the line on some other extremely regressive government measures.


2. CL - March 30, 2015

“Some rob you with a six gun, some with a fountain pen”: Woody Guthrie, an American troubadour and revolutionary, wrote those words in the 1930’s in honor of an outlaw, Pretty Boy Floyd, who was known for robbing banks and helping the poor. (Now the biggest crooks own the banks, rob the poor and get millions in bonuses for doing so. Guess the only difference between the 1930’s and today is the obscene amount of the bonuses”


3. dublinstreams - March 30, 2015

Clare Daly called his other Abortion Bill a stunt, unlikely to to even get to the first stage before the Dail ended, I actually think he genuinely believes these things, but whats the likely-hood of this one getting to first stage or beyond either?


WorldbyStorm - March 30, 2015

Next to nothing, though that said I’ve heard there’s a bit of a legislative desert out there with the government not putting forward anywhere near as much as might be expected – and if that’s accurate then his chances might be better.


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