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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to…Lonelady, Hinterland. April 11, 2015

Posted by WorldbyStorm in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

I first heard Lonelady, aka Julie Campbell, a few years back – she was one of those who contributed to a cover album focusing on Power Corruption and Lies by New Order. She delivered a neatly individual take on Cries and Whispers that frittered away none of the power of the original while somehow sounding more…organic. I include it below because it’s well worth a listen.

In any case, there was something entirely appropriate about that selection. Campbell, who is Mancunian based, produces post-punk and what I’ve seen referenced as post-pop. On a previous album she worked with Jah Wobble and Keith Levene, which again seems appropriate. Tracks like album opener Into the Cave seem to have managed to unearth synth sounds that wouldn’t be amiss on a Japan or Simple Minds track from circa 1981 with percussion and basslines that would be a credit to pretty much any Factory act of the same period. Gang of Four and even Comsat Angels lurk in the wings.

And yet if that suggests that this is a hollow exercise in revivalism that would be very wrong. She is on Warp, and that oddly enough is also appropriate. Because this is a taut and efficient album led by her voice (and guitar) which in parts combines confidence and tremulousness in an oddly individual sort of a way. A track like Bunkerpop is just… well, great. A slab of lost post-punk perfection channelling that specific period while managing to be entirely of the 2010s. Skittering rhythms and sliding keys, soft monotonal synths and that chorus. Groove It Out has great tugging keyboard lines that underpin the end of each chorus hinting and more than hinting at dance… and the way the track begins to almost deconstruct in places merely adds to that impression. And so on, track after track, this is textural, layered, simple but busy. The beats are rapid for the most part, propelling the album through its economic forty seven minutes or so.

There’s so much good music out there that it’s ever increasingly difficult to get a sense of the broad terrain, and that’s even before the listener has to admit to something like defeat in simply keeping up with long held favourites or preferred genres. But it’s albums like this that make it worth the effort.

Into The Cave (Live)


Groove It Out

Cries and Whispers


1. GypsyBhoy - April 13, 2015

Really liked Groove It Out and Bunkerpop. BBC Radio 6 give them a lot of airplay. They were in doing a session for Lauren Laverne and sounded great live.
Can’t big up BBC Radio 6 enough. Great shows and music.


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