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Somehow I think this definition of ‘compassion’ isn’t the one I’d use… May 11, 2015

Posted by WorldbyStorm in British Politics.

From the Guardian this evening:

The prime minister also said the Tories needed to show they were the party of compassion by pressing ahead with reforms to welfare and education.

Here’s another one in a similar vein:

Finally, he said the Tories needed to bring the UK together.


1. que - May 11, 2015

Its okay its a blue collar cabinet.
They will act in the interests of the ordinary person


I get the feeling the Tories really did mean when they said it was the most important election in a generation. That was not spin.

They are going to press on full steam ahead.


WorldbyStorm - May 11, 2015

They’ve got an historic opportunity. I guess they’ll take it and to hell with the consequences.


WorldbyStorm - May 11, 2015

BTW, funny in a sick way, is some of the stuff from the Tory supporters in comments on the Guardian etc, i.e. ‘lefties are vile hypocrites who treat us like we’re evil when we just have different approaches to getting to somewhere’. It is very difficult to see the supposed ‘reforms’ in welfare and so on and not think they are the product of evil – if that’s not too melodramatic a term.


que - May 12, 2015

I was just reading a Nick Cohen article and while not a fan it strikes me that although England believes it voted to hold the course that instead it has voted for revolution.

The disconnect between free market supporters and the real impact is a thing to behold. Its not that I think our side doesn’t do disconnect that ultimately leads to problems it’s that theirs is doing it in the full knowledge and expectation of problems with the belief that’s part of the solution.

England is changing fast and the Tories recognized it and are the beneficiaries. If there is any silver lining it is the end of the previous political dynamic with England. political habits. Stasis never bred revolution. There always had to be some underlying deterioration and weakening of the existing political order. Are the Tories welcome ? No, but their success is signalling something deeper. the UK as we knew it is dying.

That’s big and only big communal concepts like nations could replace it ( irregardless of what people think about nation states).

The can has been opened for the Left all across England and now that its going to be full Thatcherite and the leading opposition has neutered itself by its size and inability to react coherently – its got to be leftish in Wales and Scotland and rightish in England. Because of FPTP its got to target a small pocket of persons who could vote either Tories or Labour so its handcuffed on what it must do. In a PR system I suspect Labour would split. In the north of England its Tory lite legacy means UKIP came second on 100 seats. Labour is busted. It cannot go left or right without decline.

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WorldbyStorm - May 12, 2015

I think that’s very true re it voting for revolution. It’s not as if the Tories didn’t sign post this. Indeed just thinking about it given the stuff about economic management and sensible fiscal approaches the inability of the Tories to account for the 12bn in cuts is utterly amazing and more tellingly the inability of the media to lay a hand on them on the issue. They’re going to just go forward. I think you’re right to re communal concepts such as nations being a sort of replacement or last ditch defence in the case of Scotland.

I also think your point re a split in Labour in other circumstances is very plausible. Think it’s happening already. How is Scottish LP going to weather the current storm? More autonomy?


2. sonofstan - May 11, 2015

I’d forgotten the line after the ‘lower than vermin’ bit in that Nye Bevan speech, but a review of a new biog by Owen Hathesley in the LRB reminded me: he went on

The condemned mllions of first-class people to semi-starvation

And they’re doing it again.


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