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Meanwhile the SNP want to retain the HRA! Good on them. May 12, 2015

Posted by WorldbyStorm in British Politics, Irish Politics.

This just gets better. The Scottish government has indicated it wants to retain the 1998 Human Rights Act if the Tories replace it in the rest of Britain.

Said Act is written into the Good Friday Agreement, and scrapping it would it appears breach that agreement. And even better breach what is an international agreement between the UK and the ROI.

So if the Tories pursue this course of action they could potentially wind up in a position where Scotland retained the HRA, NI lost it and they’ve just violated an agreement with the ROI.



1. Gewerkschaftler - May 13, 2015

Fair play to them indeed. A ray of light in the gloom cast by the aggressively authoritarian moves against ‘extremists’ (an extremely flexible category, I’m sure that will prove to be) which were tellingly the first items on the Tory agenda.

The SNP seem to have stepped into the role of the actual opposition in the UK fairly quickly, while Labour will navel-gaze and manoeuvre over the dubious distinction between Blairites and non-Blairites in leadership positions.


2. Equal marriage, after southern Ireland, northern Ireland? | Dear Kitty. Some blog - May 25, 2015

[…] Meanwhile the SNP want to retain the HRA! Good on them. […]


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