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That handshake…  May 19, 2015

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Interesting to see amongst those protesting outside NUI Galway where Gerry Adams shook hands with Britain’s Prince Charles the following:

Crowds gathered at the entrance to NUI Galway, along with several protest groups, including members of the Socialist Workers’ Party.

Dr Micheline Sheehy Skeffington and students from Femsoc demonstrated over gender equality.

One protester carried a placard reading “Joe McCann – murdered by 1 (one) Para 15/4/72” – referring to the killing of IRA volunteer Joe McCann in Belfast in 1972. Prince Charles is commander-in-chief of the British Parachute Regiment.

That, of course, was OIRA volunteer, Joe McCann.


1. CL - May 20, 2015

A casual-looking encounter, probably contrived, uncertain smiles, a spilled cup of tea, a handshake between two unlikely bearers of historical symbolism, yet signifying the end of something, not quite clear what, yet whatever it is will be greeted with relief by almost everybody.


2. Joe - May 20, 2015

The protesters with the Joe McCann placard were his wife and daughter.

On the handshake, I was surprised it was the no. 1 item on BBC News at Ten last night. They made quite a big deal about it. Asking things like is this a major improvement / turning point in Anglo-Irish relations.
I remember a TV vox pop of ordinary Londoners a few years back where they were asked who the prime minister of Ireland was. Many thought it might be Gerry Adams. It seems the BBC News is happy to elevate him to be some kind of representative of Ireland/the Irish government.
Then again, maybe they have a deeper understanding of things than I do….


3. Tawdy - May 20, 2015

So, here we are, with austerity roaming at large, with no respite in sight. We are to be distracted by the sight of two scabby cunts shaking hands, hands with so much blood on them.

Are we not easily diverted by the media!


4. Michael Mullan - May 20, 2015

Not “commander-in-chief”: no such title exists within a Brit regiment, but if it did, it would imply a job of work and therefore be quite unsuited to Mr Windsor. He is “colonel-in-chief”, an empty, meaningless title for a purely honorary post and thus well within Chuck’s field of expertise.


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