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Creationism… May 29, 2015

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A grim piece here in Slate about creationism in the US, and an account by a science writer of how she grew up in a creationist household and community and what that meant in her interactions in biology classes.

But one aspect highlights just how thin the nature of those who oppose science and in particular evolution. Note the following:

What was I learning about evolution, then? The church I attended with my family when I was young had a monthly “Creation Moment” in the service. A respected church board member would give a five-minute presentation on topics such as humans living with dinosaurs or the geologic importance of Noah’s flood. We were encouraged to confront anyone who seemed to assume that evolution is true with a simple question meant to stump them: Were you there? It was the question I eventually asked Wortman. The act of asking that question demonstrates how little I understood evolutionary theory. No one needs to directly observe an aquatic species slowly evolving the ability to crawl onto dry land in order for scientists to surmise that mammals evolved from a fish. As Wortman said, we can observe the evidence in the fossil record and draw reasonable conclusions. But I always stopped thinking critically about the details once I had posed my short question. I wasn’t listening to the answer. I knew I believed what my church had taught me.

Absolutely. But what those posing the question ‘Were you there?’ seem to have ignored is that it could equally be turned on the questioner in relation to any number of beliefs they hold as regards Genesis onwards. And their inability to answer in the affirmative or to offer anything, any methodological structure within which their assertions could be validated, surely indicates a massive flaw in their approach.

One might think.

Depressing too to read that:

In a 2014 Gallup poll, 42 percent of Americans, a number that hasn’t changed much in the 30 years Gallup has been conducting that poll, said they believe God created human beings in their present form in the past 10,000 years. That’s pretty recent history compared with the scientific understanding that life evolved on our planet about 3.7 billion years ago, that our genus, Homo, evolved about 2.5 million years ago, and that Homo sapiens emerged about 200,000 years ago.

I’m not sure I fully agree with the conclusion whereby it seems to suggest that teaching the science in school and attempting to keep it separate and almost aloof from what is taught in the home is futile because it will conflict with what they learn at home and implicitly it should be taught more forcibly – though I may be misinterpreting the writers line. I don’t know how one can dissuade people from incorrect understanding in that way. But perhaps that is the only way… check out comments below the article to see just how some cannot accept evolution.

But perhaps more interesting again is how creationism is only one aspect of a tapestry of belief of some commenting and to tug at that is to put the entirety at risk. For example…the following:

Atheists really get suicidal at this one

Fact: Every single successful society in human history was built on faith. There has never been a single one built on atheism. Even Muslims have proven more successful at building a society than atheists. Hell, even apes have. Even ants! 

The only recent attempts at atheist society were all catastrophic disasters (Mao China, Stalin/Lenin Russia, Hitler Germany, Mussolini Italy, Pol Pot Cambodia, etc etc)

What’s missing from that? Our old pal the Frankfurt School. I guess we could make this into a drinking game, couldn’t we, but it too would be kind of depressing.


1. LeftAtTheCross - May 29, 2015

Just this morning I was reading Tony Judt’s “Thinking the 20th Century” at the moment and he makes a point which I think many Europeans don’t really appreciate which is that the USA is a very Christian entity, certainly by comparison with Europe. He was making the observation in relation to the situation of Jews in the US, but the point I think transfers to what you’re saying above about creationism.


2. Starkadder - May 29, 2015

“The only recent attempts at atheist society were all catastrophic disasters”….

Yes, dear. And the Rome of the Imperial Cult, human-sacrificing Aztec
society, Spain under the Inquistion, Calvin’s Geneva,
Britain and Ireland under Cromwell, and Russia under the
pious Tsars were wonderful places where everyone was happy.


Michael Carley - May 29, 2015

And Hitler wasn’t an atheist.

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RosencrantzisDead - May 29, 2015

Mussolini’s Italy was so atheist the Catholic Church was declared the state religion.

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3. Joe - May 29, 2015

Northern Ireland has a fair few creationists too. Not sure where the Free Presbyterians stand on it.
It’s generally a Protestant fundamentalist thing, not sure if there are any Catholic creationists?


4. dublinstreams - May 29, 2015

for creationism in Ireland read theism


5. Starkadder - May 29, 2015

“It’s generally a Protestant fundamentalist thing, not sure if there are any Catholic creationists?”

“Young-Earth Creationism” is mainly the preserve of Protestant
fundamentalists, but there are plenty of right-wing Catholics who
support the pseudo-scientific “Intelligent design” idea:



6. dublinstreams - May 29, 2015
7. dublinstreams - May 29, 2015

“Atheist humanism produced the worst horrors history has ever witnessed.” “Atheism has had, historically speaking, a negative effect on society” “Atheism is not a benign force in history” that if there is no God then anything can be justified.” “generally places its faith in some other absolute, be it humanism, the march of history, materialism, the economy, or even hedonism” taught at Ireland only “secular” teaching college http://atheist.ie/2012/02/hibernia-college-teacher-training-course-teaches-untrue-claims-about-atheism-and-atheists/


8. Jim Monaghan - May 30, 2015

Way back when I was in secondary School, Christian Brothers, Kells, 1960 to 66, evolution was accepted. I was very in to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Teilhard_de_Chardin at that time. I would guess that most Catholics and Protestants accept some form of evolution.


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