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This Weekend I’ll Mostly be Listening to… music for early Summer June 6, 2015

Posted by WorldbyStorm in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Is June early Summer or late Spring? Given how cool the weather has been it’s easy to make a case for the latter. But anyhow, here’s some tracks I’ve been listening to recently that I really like.

Starting with a genuine feel good Summer track from French outfit the Penelope[s]. I always liked their first album from the 2000s which straddled a sort of new wave/post punk/electronic/pop area that was a lot harder edged, for the most part, than their last album from a few years back from which this track is taken. Kind of like both approaches.

The Penelope[s] – Summer Life

Keeping that mood what of this from 1960s and early 70s US group Blue Cheer – not a very well known name this side of the Atlantic, but on their first two albums responsible for something very like proto-metal.

Blue Cheer – Summer Time Blues

Was never much of a fan of Babes in Toyland back in the day, but grown to quite like their raucous punk/metal/near grunge clatter as time has passed. So here’s a blast from their earliest years, Dust Cake Boy – 1989 and for those who appreciate this good news in that they reformed earlier in the year (as by the way have the indomitable L7).

Babes in Toyland – Dust Cake Boy

And speaking of things metallic. Good to see US boogie revivalists Endless Boogie (dealt with in this slot all those years back) just keep on keeping on.

Endless Boogie – On Cryology

While we’re on the subject of the late 1960s been listening to this crew too quite a bit recently. Here’s all ten minutes of part of their contribution to Woodstock and what is something of a classic.

Canned Heat – On the Road Again (Woodstock)

Here’s Blue in Heaven’s Across My Heart which for my sins I only heard for the first time this last month. I’d been listening to All the Gods Men and Explicit Material plus some of the Fanning Sessions and an RTÉ live broadcast that myself and Alastair – once of this parish – were at in 1986 or so. And then I went looking for their successor group, Blue Angels material online, with no success, but then realised that there was still some material I hadn’t heard including the above single. I’m still convinced that they were one of the few really good Irish groups of that mid to late 1980s period. Across My Heart is just such a great immediate song that I’m amazed it doesn’t have a wider recognition. This by the by was produced by one Martin Hannett.

Across My Heart – Blue in Heaven

Meanwhile from Wire, a track from their album released a little earlier this year, which is oddly appropriate. I’m hearing mixed reports of the Fall’s latest album which deals with much the same subject matter but Wire manage to have a light touch in relation to all things tech. Though they would with that name they’ve got, wouldn’t they?

Wire – Blogging

There’s been an odd little Nordic krautrock/pop/electronic scene, though perhaps that’s too grand a word for what is a few bands making music with some commonalities, across the last decade or so. Silverbullitt, 121 Days and here is Audionom. I like them all but this is particularly good I think.

Audionom – Kristell

And here some electronica. Straight from the Warp label and an EP track. Mighty fine.

Clark – Silver Sun

And here’s something a bit popper from a former member of Mind.In.A.Box, the not exactly brilliantly named Thyx… and Robots Don’t Lie.

Thyx Robots Don’t Lie

This is amazing. It reminds me of early to mid-period Black Dog, Palmbomen II and a track drawn from the latest album – an album which has a fairly entertaining concept at its core. No prizes for those who can suss it out without going looking for what it is. Think I might do a longer This Weekend on this one.

Palmbomen II Lorraine Kelleher

I’ve no excuse of this, I’m a real sucker for European synthpop/futurepop and EBM, and this hits all those categories in turn. Oddly enough I’m no fan of Depeche Mode, and the vocals are reminiscent of same, but clearly not too much so.

Code 64 S.O.L.

Loved the song Vine by Cardiacs spin-off, Spratley Japs, and here’s Heavy Lamb containing some of the members of the SJs at a benefit for Tim Smith from a few weeks ago playing just that.

Heavy Lamb play Spratley Japs ‘Vine’.

I tuned in to John Kelly for the first time in probably years in the last week or so and heard a track by this crew and got to admit I really like it – sufficiently so to go exploring. Here’s another piece by them which is mighty good.

Marcin Wasilewski Trio & Joakim Milder – Sudovian Dance

And to leave with another sunny track, always quite liked Best Coast, not least for their fetishism of…er… the west coast. And this from their latest album California Nights will do just fine.

California Nights – Best Coast


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