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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening… Slowdive June 13, 2015

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

Was out for a pint recently with a friend who was telling me he had been to see Ride in London a few weeks ago. Ride were reportedly amazing…. we got talking about shoegazing bands from that era….. Slowdive came up and it turns out that after almost 20 years they had reformed last year.
They are a band that I’ve listened to since the early nineties, lovely guitar, Rachel Goswells beautiful voice. Some beautiful slow tunes and atmospheric ones too.A host of EPs and three albums followed. They broke up in 1995 and some members reformed as the wonderful Mojave 3 and reformed last year.
As an aside I bought The Drays album yesterday. The Drays being the band that ex Star of Heaven Stephen Ryan is with now. From the couple of listens I’ve had it’s excellent. It’s funny but I think its the first album in 20 years that I’ve been so eager to get that I’ve bought it on the day of release.


1. WorldbyStorm - June 13, 2015

Always liked Slowdive a lot. That first album is class. The EPs likewise. Ride, there’s a thing. Was never as fond of them, their boyish persona kind of grated on me.

That’s great re the Drays album. Hadn’t realised that. Sounds great.


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