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Finglas Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT) meeting from last night June 17, 2015

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Economy, Irish Politics, The Left.

Press Statement 17th June 2015

The Finglas Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT) held a very successful meeting last night in the Bottom of the Hill pub with over 90 people in attendance

Over 90 people attended a ‘What Next for the Water Charges Movement?” meeting last night (Tuesday 16th June), which was hosted by the Finglas CAHWT. The mood was resolute in its ongoing opposition to the water tax.

Speakers on the night included Bernie Hughes (Community activist), Jimmy Dignam (Workers’ Party representative), Dave Gibney (MANDATE representative), Dessie Ellis TD and was chaired by Jessica Hughes of the Finglas CAHWT.

What is clearly apparent is that the water charges movement is as determined as ever to abolish this controversial tax. Whilst there may be differing views on tactics, it was agreed that above else unity is key in successfully winning this battle.

A lively discussion also took place on the direction that the movement should go in next. It was largely felt that progressive politics needs to come to the fore within in Irish politics. A presentation was also given on the recent Right2Water policy platform discussions, which have involved community activists, trade unions and politics parties who are involved within the water charges movement.

A strong focus was put on continuing to put pressure on the government and Irish Water over the coming months. It was agreed that the Finglas CAHWT would hold further protests and events in its struggle against austerity. The meeting ended with a message of solidarity being sent to the recently locked out Clerys Department Store workers.

For more information contact:

Jimmy Dignam (Workers’ Party) – 0851556914
Jessica Hughes (Finglas CAHWT) – 0851026921
Bernie Hughes (Community Activist) – 0872929214

(Picture attached: From Left to Right – Dave Gibney, Jessica Hughes, Jimmy Dignam)



1. roddy - June 17, 2015

What party does Dessie represent and why is he not in your photo?


WorldbyStorm - June 17, 2015

That was the photo that was sent to the site so I didn’t have any say about it. I think Dessie is so well known it almost goes without saying, doesn’t it? He’s the local Sinn Féin TD and to my mind clearly of the left. I genuinely don’t think there is anything more than that. And it’s worth noting that this is a CAHWT press release.


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