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After Marriage Equality June 29, 2015

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Was thinking about the Dublin Pride parade at the weekend which I was for a good while. And very impressive it was too. An interesting week, also, for it to take place in given the good news from the United States Supreme Court in relation to marriage equality in the US. And a celebration, and clearly so, following on foot of the referendum here only short weeks ago.

Just on that latter issue of the US Supreme Court decision, hard to be surprised that five of the Justices supported marriage equality given this:

Four liberal justices and Kennedy rejected claims made by lawyers during the legal argument in April that marriage was defined by law solely to encourage procreation within stable family units – and therefore could only meaningfully apply to men and women.

Really, that tired old line about marriage being sole about procreation? Must have missed that bit during the vows – albeit I had a civil ceremony. But back in Ireland this was heartening to read.

Gráinne Healy of Marriage Equality told The Irish Times the parade had been “massive and double the size of last year”.
“It’s fabulous. Something perhaps we’re not so good at is to stop and celebrate what we have achieved. Today is a celebration of what so many people have worked over a decade to achieve – marriage equality.
“There is more to do. The two key things for me are to get the gender recognition legislation through and then to get rid of Section 37 of the Employment Equality Act. The next equality issues are reproductive rights and income inequality.


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