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SF’s Críona Ní Dhálaigh and Independent Cieran Perry elected Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin June 29, 2015

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Details here on RTÉ

All this on foot of a pact between SF/LP/GP and most Independents. And look here…

Cllr O’Callaghan said he was running because Fianna Fáil should have a candidate for the position given the “historic” events next year.

He said he feared that Sinn Féin were going to “hijack” the centenary celebrations.


1. roddy - June 29, 2015

Who voted for Flynn?


WorldbyStorm - June 29, 2015

Can’t find a vote list. Tbh I think it’s good there were candidates who went forward, whatever motivations.


Jack Jameson - June 30, 2015

FG nominated Flynn.


2. dublinstreams - June 29, 2015
3. EWI - June 29, 2015

Every time FF attacks SF over 1916, the IT and FG pop champagne corks.


dublinstreams - June 29, 2015
4. Joe - June 30, 2015

She seems like an all round good egg. From Ballyfermot. A real Dub. Her priority will be housing. Nice sínte fada on her name. What’s not to like?
And my local hero Perry as deputy.
So far they are a brilliant team. Look at the weather in Dublin on their first full day in office! Here comes the sun.


5. roddy - June 30, 2015

Says it all about Flynn when the Blueshirts nominated him.


Enzo - July 1, 2015

Well the Blueshirts nominated Chris O’Leary in Cork… What does it say about him?


Enzo - July 1, 2015

Voted not nominated.


6. roddy - July 1, 2015

Flynn is in their political sphere.He lamented imaginary “intimidation of the tanaiste and those trying to install water meters”.


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