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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to Ex Hex July 11, 2015

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This was recommended to me with a sardonic ‘bet this’ll be your new favourite band’.

Ex Hex, newish project of Helium and Wild Flag (along with two thirds of Sleater Kinney) alumini Mary Timony and with her comrades Betsy Wright and Laura Harris contenders for coolest women in rock ever.

The music? Imagine Teenage Fanclub, Suzi Quatro, Television, the Flamin Grooves jamming together, with the Only Ones sitting in from time to time. Throw in a hint of New Wave – actually more than a hint, a touch of Roxy on the vocals here and there. And you’re almost there. Is that the Cars – or more recently Denim in the background? Could be.

Cool but not detached vocals, pulsing bass lines, punchy percussion and guitar that is rock without being metal. It’s oddly familiar to those of us who grew up listening to music in the late 70s and early 1980s. Melodic, catchy, streamlined… distinctly different from the angularity of Wild Flag but still infused with the same energy.

Stand out tracks? Well, them all as it happens, but War Paint has a brilliant throwaway riff whose essential simplicity masks its efficacy – and raises questions as to why it wasn’t written earlier. Radio On – that title alone! – is perfect, a track that Teenage Fanclub could have written but didn’t. New Kid with its referencing through the lyrics and the music of an near faux mythic hinterland of rock.

Waterfall…chugging along.  Everywhere with it’s intriguing lyrics. And so it is with them all.

Needless to say they’re critically regarded but rightly so. It’s not simple reappropriation, nor is it parody. It’s just… a classic – and complete with an ‘Outro’ track… Favourite new guitar band? Yep.

Radio On

War Paint


New Kid

How You Got that Girl (Live)


1. sonofstan - July 11, 2015

almost scared to listen after that list of influences/ audio traces, and how cool they look!


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