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7 is the magic number in the Dáil July 29, 2015

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There are many who will have been disappointed at the figures emanating from the SBP/REDC poll at the weekend which despite showing a massive tranche of support for Independents and Other parties had somewhat less good news in terms of how that shook out for those smaller groupings. Of 31% for IND/OTHER, up from 27% in June, and up from 17% at GE 2011, Ind was 25% (no separate figure for the Independent Alliance), GP 2%, Social Democrat 2%, Renua 1% and PBP 1%.

On those figures neither RENUA, nor the Social Democrats, nor PBP, nor the GP (not at all), would be close to getting 7 TDs necessary to form a group in the Dáil with all that that entails. And that is, to some extent, the name of the game for some in the Dáil for the post election period. They want 7 TDs, they in fact need 7 TDs. But at this point in time they ain’t getting 7 TDs.


1. rennydiokno2015 - July 29, 2015

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2. dublinstreams - July 29, 2015

if they are needed in government the gov can just make up to rules to suit them, like Bertie did when he created the Independents Allowance


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