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Polling in Greece July 29, 2015

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Interesting to look at this here and see that despite the events of recent times Syriza have retained a commanding lead.


1. Jim Monaghan - July 30, 2015

I am surprised that the KKE are not having a bounce. I woudl have thought this would happen. Perhaps Tsipras is being seen as a brave leader who was blackmailed rather than a sellout. I, also, see not mention of the far left alliance. I would have thought they would see some benefit. Maybe the Syriza Left are right to stay in and fight.


Gewerkschaftler - July 30, 2015

On staying in – it’s hard to say looking from the outside. What’s probably true is that if the left platform split off they’d be lucky to sustain the KKE level of support.

But I don’t think the negotiations with the Troika-Nua will go at all smoothly and come the end of August the Schäublistas will be pressing for disorderly Grexit with maximum damage to the Greek people again.


6/5against - July 30, 2015

If you read Varoufakis, a collapse of the talks – and the entire programme – is exactly what Schauble wants to happen.

Despite the faux outrage on the matter during the week, we might still see the Greek plan B come onto effect in the next few months.


Gewerkschaftler - July 30, 2015

There is no ‘Plan B’.

There should have been – but we only know that it hindsight.


que - July 31, 2015

Jim, but do the KKE have any ambition to be higher than 6%, to be actually closer to power.


2. que - July 31, 2015

Why does France want more euro integration?

The last few weeks has seen another rift emerge between France and Germany on competing visions for the eurozone. Yesterday, it was revealed that Germany’s Wolfgang Schaeuble wants to strip the European Commission of its enforcement powers as the EU’s executive body. Mr Schaeuble thinks the Commission has become too “political” and thus partisan under the presidency of Jean-Claude Juncker.

Philippe Legrain, a former adviser to ex-Commission president Barroso , has written an essay today arguing against a move towards a more federalised Europe – as pushed for by Paris. He argues that any such arrangement would be dominated by German visions for a “fiscal union”. These enshrine principles such as tough budget discipline, rather than the flexible, reflationary policies Mr Hollande would like to see in the euro.

Here’s a snippet:

Quote Creating a eurozone government to bridge the economic and political divisions exacerbated by the crisis would be putting the cart before the horse. Or to put it differently, it would be seeking an institutional fix to a much deeper political conflict.

Yes, well-functioning common institutions would make Europe’s dysfunctional monetary union work better: Federalism works fine in the United States and elsewhere. But that is because there is broad political acceptance of those federal institutions’ legitimacy — which, in turn, is because the United States is a nation-state with enough of a sense of shared political community to accept majoritarian democratic rule. Unlike the eurozone. Germany and France sharing a government? Hard to imagine. Germany and Greece? Impossible.

The conceit in Paris is that a eurozone government would be shaped by France. But why would it be? Berlin rules the roost in the eurozone, so it is scarcely going to subordinate itself to a Franco-European institution in Brussels. When German officials talk about fiscal union, what they have in mind is not the Keynesian eurozone treasury that France would like, but a supranational fiscal enforcer that could rewrite national budgets at will. That would entail an extension of German power, not a reclaiming of French influence.

To use another French phrase, it’s time to break out of the pensée unique (groupthink) about how to make Europe work better. More integration is not always a solution; in fact, it can make matters worse.

From the guardian live page.

Perhaps by promising Greece has now set the opposing forces into battle. Promise everything not to get kicked out and then the IMF and France square off against the Hun.
Eventually a deal that makes sense is made.

This is an extreme high wire act if that’s what is happening. And the IMF certainly and now France seem to be setting themselves against Germany’s wider strategy.


3. roddy - July 31, 2015

At the height of the struggle against apartheid there was only one man from the continent of Europe who organised “practical help” to the ANC guerillas and he is now TD for Louth.Those guerillas when on Robben Island cited IRA prisoners as an inspiration and created a monument to them when apartheid was overthrown.That “narrow nationalist” Castro had a monument erected to the same IRA prisoners in Havana and streets were named throughout the world by left governments and local authorities.It will be a long time till we see a monument to Paul Murphy or Peter whatshisname from Belfast.Murphy’s greatest claim to POW status was the “indignity” of having to answer the door to the Gardai “in his pyjamas” and spend an hour in some southside garda station.No doubt he will regale the JRGs of this world with the details of his “ordeal” for years to come!


4. roddy - July 31, 2015

Sorry my last post concerning “free the Donnybrook one ” should have been in the “what you want to say” thread.Maybe WBS will sort it out for me?!


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