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That gap in the market in Irish politics… tell us where exactly would that be positioned again? July 31, 2015

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Is the question that comes to mind on foot of the poll at the weekend. For all the acres of newsprint over the past number of years that there was a massive space open to the right of Fine Gael the actual support for RENUA, surely the closest analogue to any such formation, is a mere 1% in the current SBP/RED C poll. Surely, were those analyses correct then RENUA would be doing markedly better. Indeed this surely calls into question a whole heap of assumptions – doesn’t it? For those anxious souls calling out for a right of FG formation clearly aren’t that worried to either support FG itself… 25% in this poll – and why not, when you’ve got the real thing and it’s actually in government that’s a powerful pull factor, or alternatively go to the less well charted Independents. After all, some of them, names like Grealish and McGrath and Lowry most notably, would offer something of an alternative.

Ironically the Social Democrats are on 2%, perhaps a function of having three much higher profile TDs than the RENUA cohort and the immediacy of a launch that took place in the last week or so. But even there that’s a figure they’ll be keen to improve on and rapidly in order to build a more cohesive identity. And it also suggests that so far, and it’s early days yet – compared to RENUA, that the market is already reasonably well served by others.

Perhaps the truth is there is no gap in the Irish political market, or at least not much of one. That the sort of totalising dynamics extant in the past are now largely gone given that there are numerous effectively mid-range parties, a multitude of smaller ones and Independents to beat the band.

Changed times.


1. Gerryboy - July 31, 2015

For some middle class voters it’s a choice between different brands of washing powder. The continual depletion of support for Labour and the steady support for Independents should tell us that the political vacuum is not to the right of Fine Gael but to the left. Some Independents are just local issues merchants. I wouldn’t say that nationally the electorate is becoming politically mature, just more weary and cynical.


2. dublinstreams - July 31, 2015

the space was never said to be massive was it? but now with FF’s demise, a space on the center-left

Speaking of Marketing came across this
Ogilvy The Great Irish Reset > Diane Tangney > Reboot Ireland > Renua http://marketing.ie/articles/a-return-to-basics/ (Diane Tangney advisor to Renua)


WorldbyStorm - July 31, 2015

Fair point – they didn’t say it was massive but I think people thought it was bigger than two percent. Richard Colwell in the SBP the other day wrote about how people might have expected a bigger more cohesive alternative to be shaped from the Indo TDs. Can’t see it myself.

Btw great find re that link. Weirdly contradictory too in parts but no mention of politics and always the ‘we’ who all did this or that.


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