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UUP Intends to Withdraw from the NI Executive August 26, 2015

Posted by Garibaldy in Northern Ireland.

Interesting news that the UUP has stated its intention to leave the Executive following the PSNI’s comments that members of the Provisional IRA were involved in the murder of Kevin McGuigan.

Is the murder is a cause or a trigger?

There has been pressure within both the UUP and the SDLP to leave the Executive and form an opposition over the last several years, especially given that both feel that the big two parties have things stitched up, and that they are often ignored. There are those within both who feel that their electoral interests, and possibly their very survival as significant political forces, are dependent on making that move. And there are elections to the NI Assembly within the year. It’s hard not to feel that there is a connection between that and this decision, though Mike Nesbitt has said this is a case of putting the country first, and party second.

Where does this leave the DUP? Perhaps pulling the Executive down and avoiding the responsibility for welfare “reform” might appear all the more attractive now.


1. An Cathaoirleach - August 26, 2015

Very clear statement of the issues by Mike Nesbitt, not just having a go at the Provos.



2. roddy - August 26, 2015

Not just having a go at the provos my arse.Since the ceasefires the UVF have killed more than 30 people and when these killings were ongoing ,the UUP admitted the PUP into their Stormont assembly grouping in 2006.Only for the fact that the UVF frontmen failed to get elected since ,they would still be part of that assembly grouping.Nesbitt’s party has involved itself in joint inititatives on the flag issue with all shades of unionism including the Loyalist death squad front men.As I have said before you could not put a cigarette paper between UUP, DUP,TUV in terms of right wing unionism and no ammount of smarmy talk from Nesbitt will alter that.Nesbitt stood under a joint banner with the British Torys,supports welfare cuts,allowed party members to make outrageous homophobic remarks without sanction and campaigns for an elitist education system.He was a count when he presented the UTV news and remains a sanctimonius one.


3. Roger Cole - August 26, 2015

Totally agree with you roddy. Apart from you said, virtually all the unionists as well as FF/FG/Labour in the RofI support the doctrine of perpetual war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, to name but a few countries in which thousands upon thousands of people have been killed or injured. The high moral tone by Nesbitt and the others is pathetic.


4. roddy - August 26, 2015

Yes Roger and the “socialist” PUP went ballistic when “our boys” were not allowed to tramp through the streets of Belfast on their way back from Afghanistan.They also labelled anti globalisation protestors as “anti British”!


5. BK - August 26, 2015
6. roddy - August 26, 2015

Good statement.


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