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The water protests – they haven’t gone away… August 29, 2015

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This will not be good news to the government that… and granted at this point figures seem a bit in short supply, there was a remarkably good turnout today on the water protest. Whether anger or hostility it seems to be unabated.

Any thoughts on implications in terms of policy, and/or the timing of the election? And what about potential political progress for those involved in the protests?


1. dublinstreams - August 29, 2015

what will the government care? theres not a FG voter among them and Labour has already lost these people


WorldbyStorm - August 29, 2015

Those are fair points, but Labour in particular would, I think, have hoped that some of the heat might have gone out of the issue. They may well have hopes about second and third and fourth preferences.

I also think that no government wants to have protests on the street in regard to a central plank of policy. The optics aren’t good, they suggest instability, contingency, etc.


WorldbyStorm - August 29, 2015

By the way, do you know is there a poll published this evening?


irishelectionliterature - August 29, 2015

supposedly a SBP one due…. actually none till September (next week?)


WorldbyStorm - August 29, 2015

yeah, no sign of one anyhow.


2. Liberius - August 29, 2015

At this stage I can’t see Labour’s leadership tuning in to sanity FM in time to avoid being massacred at the GE, though of course how many seats they manage to save will heavily depend on how lucky they are with the orders of eliminations and subsequent transfers.

As to the protest, good numbers I felt from the amount of people I had around me, though for time related reasons I didn’t stick around once we’d reached O’Connell Street (having said that I did hear the start of Mary Lou McDonald’s quality Impressions of Labour TDs pre-2011).

The one thing though is that I’d like to kill the muppet who decided on the date as I really didn’t like being sardined into a train with a hoard of rugby fans.


WorldbyStorm - August 29, 2015

A lot of clashing events. I was up in Glasnevin at the commemoration for Patsy O’Connor, which was reasonably well attended given the date.


3. dublinstreams - August 29, 2015

Fine Gael TDs only care that their constituents are giving out that some are getting conservation grant _and_ not paying for water http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/water/irish-water-crisis/another-irish-water-uturn-tds-demand-rethink-of-100-for-water-bill-rebels-31464553.html they might think they gov has made a mess of things but they are still going to vote FG, the next gov will do similar to this gov did, tinker around the edge delay perhaps,but continue commodification if not privatisation.


WorldbyStorm - August 29, 2015

Definitely agree that FG are in a different space.


dublinstreams - August 29, 2015

but Labour wanted to do want Fine Gael’ers were asking the gov to do, but Noonan refused because it would have harmed the Eurostat test http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/water/irish-water-crisis/noonan-accused-of-overruling-minister-on-100-irish-water-grant-31467161.html which they failed anyway


WorldbyStorm - August 30, 2015

Sorry, my fault, but I’m not following you in your comment.


dublinstreams - August 30, 2015

Labour is now seeking to do what the Fine Gael supporters want, how different is that space?


4. sonofstan - August 30, 2015

Don’t know how to post a picture here, but huge Right 2 Water banner unfurled on Hill 16 before kick off, and apparently the big screens didn’t show Enda arriving, as would be normal. Why I wonder?


irishelectionliterature - August 30, 2015

Took one myself but this is better.

The cameras wouldn’t normally show Enda Arriving.


5. Gewerkschaftler - August 31, 2015

Good to hear – keep it up.


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