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SF and coalition with FF? Apparently not. August 31, 2015

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Interesting that this was the message from Mary Lou McDonald on Saturday (and reported last night in the IT). In the course of a conversation with the IT about the situation as regards the IRA she made some salient points, not least that:

“It’s 1994 since the first ceasefire, we’ve been through the whole issue of decommissioning and the weapons being put beyond use, the final statement of a ceasing of operations,” she said.

“I think what you’ve witnessed is very irresponsible politicking north and south
“This is absolutely bizarre, for so-called leaders such as Micheál Martin and Joan Burton to be so absolutely irresponsible and so cravenly opportunistic in their public pronouncements.”

But also this, which links back into the politicking point – in relation to those in FF talking about a possible SF/FF coalition:

“That would be a decision for the Sinn Féin Árd Fheis, I think we’ve made clear that we want an alternative, progressive, left-of-centre government. I don’t see Fianna Fáil forming a part of that.”

There may well be an element of making a virtue of necessity. On current polling data such an outcome seems remote. But there’s also the point that such statements from her and others in SF does tend to lock them further into a context of not being able to enter any such centre right coalition without clearly contradicting those self-same statements. One has to presume that she and others in SF are entirely aware of that. And indeed of what has happened to parties that have been perceived to have broken pre-election promises, even those hedged with caveats.


1. Gewerkschaftler - August 31, 2015

If SF sticks with that after the election it’s the right strategic decision IMO.

Let FF & FG be forced into the most right-wing government coalition for some time – which would also be in terms of culture and tradition probably unstable, and would hopefully have a limited life-expectancy.

That would be truly mould-breaking in Irish politics.


2. Pól - August 31, 2015

My own experience (and I’m sure that of any other critical observer) of Sinn Féin Ard Fheiseanna is that the membership can usually be cajoled into voting according to whatever position the leadership presses, however apparently contradictory that new position is to long-held principles.

Prior to 2007 it was all about ‘keeping options open’ re: coalition, presumably with FF; the political situation now is all the more fluid, and one would hope that wiser heads in Sinn Féin (even older heads not so covetous of a pension as their Labour counterparts) would see in the destruction of the PDs, Greens and Labour a salutary lesson.


3. Jim Monaghan - September 1, 2015

Those who want to be ministers might consider that Labour in power came to late for Liz McManus. Careerists will never wait.


4. roddy - September 1, 2015

As I have stated before,if you want a “career”, dont join SF .People have left the party because they wanted the full salary and SF wouldnt let them keep it.At the moment all the MLAs look like they will be earning feck all ,let alone the average industrial wage for some time to come.


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