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More thoughts on Labour September 17, 2015

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From Archon of the Southern Star… again many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the CLR.

A ‘SECRET pact’ concocted by Blueshirts and the Looper Party (oops … sorry … Labour Party) was never a secret. Everybody knew about it!

Billed by the Indo/Sindo as a hugger-mugger arrangement between the government partners, it consisted of a scheme whereby punters would transfer votes between the two parties in a general election. The FG electorate would be encouraged to give their number two or number three votes to Labour and, in return, that party would ask its supporters to do the same for Fine Gael.

Here’s how Comrade Joan described the ‘secret’ deal: “it makes sense as the best way of re-electing this Government and of ensuring the stability of the country and the economic recovery. Seat retention is the primary factor in improving the economy. So, when you’ve finished voting for Labour then continue voting for Fine Gael because we have been a government of achievement.”

Immediately (and this was no secret) manifestations of titanic hilarity greeted Comrade Joan and Dame Enda’s grand plan. The jocular sounds were similar to rhinoceros-style guffaws, the cartoon cackle of mad hens, the sound of giggling hyenas on speed, and the contemptuous snort of ladies of the night being offered too little money! In other words, the response was one gigantic sneer!

‘What in the name of the You-Divine-Allah do they think they’re at?’ was the cry that went up from the thousands of homespun psephologists who have been following the decline and fall of Fine Gael, and the gruesome dematerialisation of the Labour Party.

Nevertheless, an immensely cocky Comrade Joan was convinced her stratagem would return the respective parties to power. She was assisted in no small way by a spokesperson (one of those obscenely paid clairvoyants that go under the name of “government adviser”). In wink and nod fashion, worthy of the spy who came in from the cold, the clairvoyant revealed that the success or otherwise of the plan would rely on what was termed the electorate’s understanding of “macro-economic numbers”.

‘Macro-economic numbers, ah yes indeed, a very good strategy and so important at this stage with the parties in election mode,’ was the polite reaction of a flummoxed meeja whose failure to comprehend macro-economic numbers made it difficult to keep a straight face. Inevitably, the reptiles too fell about the place in laughter.

But, reluctant to become permanent casualties of the manic spirit that currently pervades Coalition thinking, the journos made their excuses and fled: but not, we believe, without first telephoning the men in the white coats to come for Comrades Joan and Enda as quickly as possible!

Other members of the lizard fraternity sought medicinal relief in the nearest boozer – so affected were they by the risible and delusional fantasies that have gripped an almost defunct Labour Party and a reviled Fine Gael.

And if that wasn’t enough, then came the news that Kathleeeeen Lynch (the last of the Worker Party Mohicans) was not going to contest the general election. For unknown reasons, she missed the deadline to seek a nomination for the Cork North Central constituency. However, the message was plain to all and sundry. After years of fighting the good fight of Workers Party/Labour ‘socialism’, she was giving up the ghost. It was all over.

But even more intriguing was the fact that not one ‘socialist’ novice, newbie, or alien from outer space expressed an interest in holding her seat for the Cloth Cap Brigade. Not even the Glanmire based Labour senator, John Gilroy.

At the Cork North Central selection convention in July, Gilroy courteously stepped aside, declaring he would put all his efforts into helping Kathleeeen retain the seat. Chivalry indeed, but no sooner was all that said and done when the world and its wife were dramatically informed on Monday that Kathleeen was not in fact opting out. She was to be added to “the ticket”, despite having missed the nomination deadline. And so she was!

And again the laughter rang out in Cork – on this occasion over the red city: Fair Hill, Spangle Hill, Knocka and Gurranabraher. It drifted down to Blackpool and out to Blarney. ‘What a balls-up’ the inhabitants of those places remarked, amid high-pitched howls of merriment that did so much to brighten a rain sodden September.

And they asked: why doesn’t Labour do the decent and merge with Fine Gael, considering it has no objection to FG policies?

A good point, as was the assessment of Fine Gael’s association with a Labour Party on the verge of extinction and with Comrade Joan almost certain to lose her seat. Because the fact of the matter is that Labour is transfer-toxic, and will garner so few first preferences that candidates face elimination before they even have a chance of benefitting from Blueshirt transfers!

And now for something different! Last week, a truly subversive document came mysteriously (with thanks to a Mr M O’Riordan) into our possession – one that merits investigation by Garda Commissioner Callinan (oops he’s gone, isn’t he?).

Here’s what it chillingly said: ‘Security sources believe the Blueshirts – the paramilitary organisation founded by Fine Gael’s first president, the fascist General O’Duffy, haven’t gone away, you know. Blueshirtism continues to exist in a scaled down, secretive form.

Special Branch sources, however, are confident the organisation has shed its commitment to fascism, with all its corporatist connotations. According to the Gardaí, Blueshirtism is now wholly committed to, and supportive of, the fully fledged and unregulated free market, albeit with an authoritarian response to what it regards as “anarchy on the streets” – such as the Jobstown anti-water charge protests – as distinct from anarchy in the markets.

Importantly, the document points out that while allegations of criminality are not infrequently made against FG politicians who may or not be adherents of the Blueshirt ideology, and while a line of investigation has been opened up in that regard, this does not invalidate a presumption of innocence until found guilty in a court of law.

Garda sources further state that there is no evidence to suggest any alleged assault has recently been authorised or sanctioned by a shadowy Blueshirt High Command.

Worryingly, a spokesperson for Fine Gael declared that the party is in no way obliged to decommission or otherwise discipline, to whip or otherwise remove the whip from any individual, since the Blueshirts ‘have left the stage’.

A spokesperson for the Looper Party (otherwise known as Labour) who, prior to its reverse takeover of that party had been a spokesperson for DL (Destroy Labour), strenuously defended the Fine Gael stance.”

A JOKE: Here’s a synopsis of the Fennelly report.

Knock Knock.

“Who’s there?”


“Ta-ra who?”

“You’re fired!”

(That’s a terrible joke. You’re fired too. – Ed)



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2. Aonrud ⚘ - September 17, 2015

Security sources believe the Blueshirts – the paramilitary organisation founded by Fine Gael’s first president, the fascist General O’Duffy, haven’t gone away, you know. Blueshirtism continues to exist in a scaled down, secretive form.



3. mitra - September 18, 2015

does this get down to a legal problem. i.e. the courts allowed big unions (th public sector unions), to negotiate wage agreements – and does this give th Labour Party an unspoken whip hand over all other parties.


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