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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening To…songs from the opening weekend of dove season September 19, 2015

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Yourcousin writes:

Dove season (and grouse season) opened up this week. And while there are some good opportunities for folks with access to private land those of us who rely on public land have fewer options. Not that we have no options. In my state (Colorado) alone we have more acres of wilderness than the entire continent of Europe. And other western states have even more than us. Like any other common space, especially those located near civilization they can be used as a dumping ground. And I must I am surprised about how far in some folks are willing to haul a mattress just to illegally dump it, but que sera.

Colorado not only has National Parks (like say Rocky Mountain National Park) which are hoity toity and do not allow hunting, but a lot of National forest where most anything goes (camping, fishing, shooting, hunting). There are also smaller parcels of anywhere from 40 acres to 1000s of State Wildlife Areas which are state owned lands all over the state to allow access to hunting, fishing, nature viewing. They are basically the state maintaining and caring for marginal spaces for the greater public good. This is critical on the Eastern plains of Colorado as there are obviously no National Forests out there. People see pine trees and want to save it because it is pretty to look at. They see a native grass forest and ignore it as all they see is a field either waiting for a new subdivision or to be part of a fence to fence agri-business operation. Because lord knows we need more GMO corn in a high plains desert or more track homes stacked on top of each other as far as the eye can see. I have beat this drum before the but egalitarian nature of land access here in the states and the fact that hunting and fishing is viewed as a citizen’s right, rather than as a privilege of those who can afford it is something that is uniquely American. The irony of course is that in the great American frontier Federal ownership over say 30% of a state’s land is something that most serious outdoorsmen (read misanthropic loners) would and are defending.

As far as dove hunting goes in a river bottom it is pretty straight forward. You set up decoys on the sand bars, sit back against willows so as not to present a silhouette, and wait. Doves will see the decoys, think that there is a flock of doves eating grist and either try to land or simply give it a fly by. While you wait you are also hunted, by mosquitoes. This in turn
necessitates smoking cigars or a pipe, but slowly, so you are enveloped in a cloud of smoke. Hopefully making yourself a less desirable target than your compatriots. I also always wear long sleeves so this also helps but is by no means full as I was bitten five different times during our half day outing. The main target is of course the migratory mourning dove but since where we were at is now literally right outside of town we mainly saw Eurasian collared doves and Rock doves ie pigeons which are both invasive non migratory species. But they are all corn fed so we’ll take ’em. I do not take my dogs with me on these outings as one will literally run around until she drops (it was upper 80s when we got there) and my male was gun shy and I would never risk over exposure to gunfire (which was not a real issue this time out). For them grouse hunting will probably be the first hunt of the year with temperatures in the mid sixties and will mainly consist of me hiking abandoned logging roads and sage filled meadows.

That being said this weekend’s composition is a mix of sings that got stuck in my head from the radio, usually after working a double shift. I’ll admit I’m much more susceptible to certain songs after working 16+ hours. And a couple others are simply ones I like but which also tend to make an appearance on my phone after a long shift.

Rich Girl by Hall and Oates

Come on Eileen by Dexy and His Midnight Runners

I Wonder by Sixto Rodriguez

Who’s Going to Raise These Babies by Cary Ann Hearst

Chambers by Ben Nichols

Casino and Penitentiary by Houndmouth

Houndmouth will most likely get its own TWIMBLT at some point this fall. I mainly like this video because of the out takes between their songs. A little Jon Prine and GD will always get a tip of the hat from me.


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