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It’s the little things… like the Army and ATMs and… October 30, 2015

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It really is isn’t it? A week or two back could the Taoiseach having delivered a budget that seemed to work just fine for FG – whatever about the rest of us, envisaged that he’d be embroiled in this, a controversy about comments made by him last week at the European People’s Party confab where he said:

“The Governor of the Central Bank in Ireland said to me: ‘It looks like this weekend . . . you’ll have to put [the] Army around the banks and around the ATM machines and introduce capital controls like they had in Cyprus’,” he said.

Of course it was nonsense, though it’s not if I recall correctly the first time a version of this tale had reached the public. But in the past that might have been okay, not this week with everyone keen to tear chunks out of him.

And of course it’s so much fluff, though it provides a handy stick for others to beat him with, and given the simple fact it wasn’t correct, well, them’s the breaks. But it’s odd. Why make the comment at all? Entirely unnecessary except one has the suspicion that the faux-heroic attitudes struck by government representatives of both parties have somehow seeped in uncritically into their thinking. The appalling truth is that they’ve come to believe all that stuff about saving the nation, and us being on the veritable brink. And so he probably believes that he did indeed have a chat where this sort of stuff was suggested to him however illogical it all might be (I think it was sonofstan who pointed out that you could turn the ATM’s off, amongst other measures).

And it also serves to underline very neatly indeed how political capital can be frittered away with incredible speed. Wonder if he regrets not going for the election now? Wonder what he thinks next week and the week after and the month after that again and the New Year will bring?


1. ivorthorne - October 30, 2015

So why does he keep doing it? I think it was Gene Kerrigan who had an article on Enda Kenny’s imaginary friends recently.

The man who phoned him because he thought there was too much in his paycheck.
The man with two pints complaining about alcohol (Enda bumped into him twice in two months)..
The man in the Central Bank who told him to put soliders with guns at the country’s ATMs.

They should form an imaginary club. Maybe they could also include people who Enda actually have conversations with, but he forgot them. You could have Heather Humphreys who had a conversation with Enda Kenny where he asked her to appoint John McNulty to a State Board but forgot about it. There’s the conversation he had with Brian Purcell before he sent him off to Martin Callinan’s house in the middle of the night where Enda swears he doesn’t recall telling Purcell to make it clear to Callinan that his goose was cooked.


WorldbyStorm - October 30, 2015



2. roddy - October 30, 2015

Adams says that when he questioned Kenny about the safety of ambulances and their roadworthiness,Enda answered with a tall tale about a wheel falling off his own car!

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3. Ed - October 30, 2015

I was in Athens the week after the referendum, when they still had the €60 limit on ATMs. There wasn’t a hint of trouble. There were queues, but no more than you’d get on Grafton St on a Friday night. No aggro, no cops or soldiers deployed to keep the peace. I think this stuff possibly says more about politicians and journalists who can’t imagine anything more horrendous than not having immediate access to as much money as they like and think the whole place will fall apart otherwise. As someone pointed out around the time of the €60 limit in Greece, there’s a hell of a lot of people who aren’t in a position to take out €60 a day.

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WorldbyStorm - October 30, 2015

That’s a key point re 60 euro a day being a lot of money for many people.


4. sonofstan - October 30, 2015

It’s funny, and embarrassing, and we – and most others in the country I suspect – have so little respect for the poor simpleton, that we tend to laugh it off, but lookit, this is the taoiseach telling lies. Actual lies. It really is kinda serious.


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