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This Weekend I’ll Mostly be Listening to… Moon Duo December 12, 2015

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Something contemporary I think this weekend. Moon Duo are a side project of Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips with Sanae Yamada but to call it a side project is not really to do it justice. For a start Yamada adds something to the exercise that positions it well away from WS. I always thought the latter group interesting but softer than I’d have liked. It’s not that they didn’t have the energy in their krautrock/drones but to me it was as if they never quite let rip in the way that they could or should – though who am I to dictate what they do?

Moon Duo are radically different in that regard. The drones are great – and there are drones aplenty on “Shadows of the Sun”, released earlier this year. The chord progressions likewise. The vocals perfectly detached.  Free the Skull is a classic of its kind – Monster Magnet squalls of guitar scribbled across monumental riffs. But tracks like Zero have a lightness of touch, both melodically in in regards of their arrangements and instrumentation, that is refreshing and suggests something entirely different in their musical aesthetic.

Those partial to Spacemen 3 or the Darkside will find much to like here.



Free the Skull




Animal (Live on KEXP)


Animal (video)


Night Beat



1. eamonncork - December 12, 2015

This morning I’ve mostly been listening to . . . (and probably for the rest of the week as well).




CL - December 12, 2015


2. Paddy Hackett - December 12, 2015

1916 Easter Rising is not an event that ought to be commerated by the working class in 2016. The 1916 Rising was undertaken by a small group of petty bourgeois insurgents. The Irish Citizen Army led by James Connolly capitulated to the petty bourgeois nationalist politics of the Irish Volunteers led by Tom Clarke and others. However the ICA was essentially a petty bourgeois paramilitary organisation. It did not see the need for social revolution and the estabishment of communism. As a petty bourgeois nationalist movement the insurgents sought, at most, the establishment of a 32 county Irish Republic that would serve the interests of small Irish capitalism and its petty bourgeoisie. Ultimately it would also serve the interests of big capital too.

But what was worse there was no chance of this band of insurgents being successful in their formal goals. Indeed some, if not many, of its leaders and organisers were of the opinion that they were not going to succeed in its aims. In this way they were engaging in a project that was to lead to the deterioration of the conditions under which Irish workers lived. The War of Independence that followed partly as a result of the events surrounding the 1916 Easter Rising was to further that deterioration of Irish workers. The eventual realisation of a 26 county Republic represented the failure of Irish Republicanism. It also failed to serve the class interests of the Irish working class North and South of the border. Had Ireland remained part of the United Kingdom the Irish working class would have been no better off than it is today. In fact it may, in some ways, have been comparatively better off. The establishment of a dual state system in Ireland represented merely another form of maintaining the oppression of the Irish working class. At most some of the adverse effects of the Second World War may have been avoided by the existence of the southern state in Ireland. But this may be merely a matter of historical contingency as opposed to the inherent class nature of the Irish Republic.

In short, the hullabaloo over the commeroration of the 1916 Rising is merely another device intended to perpetuate the deception of the southern Irish working class. It forms a part of the overall ideological paradigm under which southern Irish workers are to be oppressed and divided from much of the working class in the North.

Paddy Hackett



3. eamonncork - December 12, 2015

I don’t know that one. You’d want to hum a few bars first.


4. WorldbyStorm - December 12, 2015

Paddy, we’re not too rule bound here regarding off topic or stuff like that but fairly sure this isn’t the thread for that comment of yours.


Paddy Hackett - December 12, 2015

I apologise! Just getting the hang of this system. Am a novice here and perplexed as to correct procedure.


5. roddy - December 12, 2015

I think he mistakenly thought that the Johnny Cash song above was about some “short arse” who fought in 1916!


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