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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Jimmy Faulkner December 19, 2015

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In 1988 I started working in a Petrol Station down the road from me, filling petrol for 80 pence an hour…..over time I graduated to the cashier and then for a number of years I worked nights. Sometimes just covering for people or as a stopgap until somebody permanent was hired, until when I finished College I worked nights full time. I spent around 4 years working nights in the garage on and off.
There was an assortment of people that came in regularly, Taxi drivers, Gardai, Truck drivers and others. I was delighted of the company having a cup of tea and a chat helped pass what was often a very lonely night. I could go a few hours without seeing anyone. I suppose too that where now Ireland is much more of a twenty four hour society, it wasn’t so much then.
One of the regulars was Jimmy Faulkner, who invariably on his way back from a gig would pull up in his old car , put a few quid in the tank and he was one of the folks I’d open the door for rather than serve through the hatch. He’d stop, chat as what music I was listening to and occasionally tell a story or two. For a year or two I didn’t know who he was, other than that he was a musician.
I got chatting to the lad who did the other night shift (Worked week on /week off) who was in one night and I was asking if he knew who ‘yer man’ was. He told me it was Jimmy Faulkner and being a good bit older than me started telling me how he had seen him with various bands and how Jimmy had played with Christy Moore for years and was on among other Moore records his ’Live In Dublin’ album. Jimmy Faulkner was a gifted guitarist who aside from Christy Moore had played with so many others including Paul Brady, Finbar Furey, Mick Hanly,Dónal Lunny, Mary Coughlan, The Fleadh Cowboys, Luka Bloom, Honor Heffernan , Red Peters and The Black Velvet Band.
I copped then that I had a few records and tapes with Jimmy Faulkner playing on them and I’m sure theres plenty of you that have something with Jimmy playing on it too.
I bumped into him a number of times since, he greeted me, he was always really nice company and was a gent.
Jimmy passed away on the 4th of March 2008.

Jimmy playing Slide Guitar here

Jimmy played on Paul Bradys Hard Station Album and his guitar solo on this is renowned.

Hotfoot were a band he was part of for a number of years

A compilation that includes Jimmy playing with The Dublin Blues Band, Black Velvet Band,Zoe Conway, unidentified, Christy Moore, Jimmy Faulkner and The Houseshakes.


1. oglach - December 19, 2015

Great music, great remembrance.


2. roddy - December 19, 2015

Great version of “the Galtee mountain boy” which rates as one of the greatest rebel songs.


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